Hello, my name is Rebecca.

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I am native to Texas, born and raised in the Houston area where I attended the University of Houston for a Bachelors Degree in Business and the University of St Thomas for a Masters Degree in Business.  While I may have always resided in Texas, my faith, my travels, and my story have taken me on many adventures outside of this beautiful state of mine.  I hope to share a bit about that with you through my page in time.  

My true passions are the word of God, studying about relationships & marriage, healthy cooking (and sometimes not so healthy cooking), holiday crafting, planning events (especially for holidays), travel, and shopping - all on a budget. These are the things that get me excited most.  I am known to price hunt a deal for anyone just to save friends money.  Online shopping is like a game to me.  Should I even be proud of that?  I vote yes - it makes gift giving a breeze!   

After many years of wanting to set this up and being encouraged by friends to do so, I have finally taken the leap!  I'm rediscovering the fulfillment I've always had for writing.  Just writing in general.  I used to write all the time, jotting down poems and thoughts and words that would morph into something powerful (to me).  My dad used to encourage me to pursue writing in college and publishing my poems, yet I chose the opposite direction out of fear of the unknown about where an English degree would take me in life.  So I played it safe and chose a business degree knowing it could always be utilized.   I'm rediscovering that I need to get these words out of my head, even if they're never read.  It's cathartic.

My ultimate goal in sharing my life is to inspire others with ideas, save everyone some money, provide tips and advice with the knowledge I've learned when needed, and perhaps sometimes just rejoice that every day is a new day to feel blessed that we have one more chance at life.  

I've learned that our stories are to be shared as a testimony to God's grace & mercy, while the scars shape us into better people and humble us into compassionate human beings. If you ever have questions about me and my story, please feel free to email me through the "Contact" page.