Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is almost here and can you believe it falls on April Fool's Day?  What a strange combo, but Easter is no joking matter as it is the day our Christ Jesus was resurrected.  Amen!  It touches my heart to remember the true meaning of the holiday and what He gave up for us.  

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I appreciate the fun and novelty of the Easter bunny though and the excitement it brings children.  It's pretty funny to think about the bunny though.  Why does he bring or hide eggs?  Why do we dye Easter eggs when a bunny doesn't lay eggs?  I just did a quick search and the Easter bunny originated in 1682 from the German's as a way of "judging" whether the children have behaved well or misbehaved, much like the tradition of Santa Claus.  And the eggs came into play because many Orthodox churches would abstain from eggs during Lint, so they would boil the eggs to preserve them to eat to break the fast and sometimes add flowers to the water to dye them spring colors as decoration in their homes.  Interesting!  Do you ever stop to ponder where these customs come from?

Now - on to the fun stuff, and I'll keep this quick.

Easter Basket Goodies for Younger Kids:

1) Candy of course!  This is essential regardless of the recipient's age.

2) Things for inside the house: Coloring books, puzzles, Crayons, colored pencils, stickers

3) Things for outside the house: Bubbles, bounce balls, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, silly string, Play-Doh, pool toys or floats

4) Small toys: stuffed animals, small dolls, Legos, action figures, match-box cars

5) Games: puzzles, card games like Uno or Skip Bo, dice, road trip games

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Easter Basket Goodies for Teenagers or Adults:

1) Candy of course!  This is essential regardless of the recipient's age.

2) Things for inside the house: books, magazines, journals, Bible related studies or devotionals, lotions or bath stuff

3) Things for outside the house: pool floats or toys, head phones, jump ropes, hula hoops

4) Small items: gift cards for music, movies, or other stuff, hand sanitizers, pocket sized lotions for their backpacks or lockers, make up

5) Games: board games, puzzles, etc.

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Some things to consider that are fun to do is to make a themed Easter basket, especially if making one for an adult.  For example, if the person is an athlete then you can make a basket with the theme of their preferred sport.  If the person loves chocolate, you can make an all chocolate themed basket.  If the person (little girl) loves Barbies, you can make an all Barbie themed basket.  This is one way to personalize it each year to what their favorite things are.

I have a lot of cute Easter DIY treats and advent countdown ideas in my Easter Pinterest board as well which you can find below. =} 

Do you put together Easter baskets for anyone?  What are the things you'd likely put in Easter baskets?  I'd love some fresh ideas!  

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