J. Crew Factory Half Off Sale!

Fashion Friday at it's best y'all!  This is a quick post to give a PSA to let you know J Crew Factory is having a sale for 50% off of everything on their site through Oct. 11th at midnight.  

Before I get started let me acknowledge that all of my bedding was off of my bed and looks tacky in the picture, but I was washing everything for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive with my nieces to stay at my place the next day and rushing out the door for a dinner date with the loved one.  I didn't have time to manipulate my room setting to craft the perfect (blogging) picture and truthfully wasn't even sure I'd ever use it as a post.  But, here I am a couple weeks later sharing it.  I guess I'm just keeping it real, tacky or not. ;)

Now - back to the purpose of this post...

There's tons of cute things at J. Crew Factory and I especially like their stuff that I can wear for work or every day life like skirts and blouses.  However, they also have puffer vests and other items that can be worn as staple items or accessories as we enter into cooler weather...if Houston ever gets cooler weather.  Truth be told, I typically purchase my puffer vests for less at Old Navy.  Smaller sizes sell out fast but they also stock back up every few weeks typically or you can look for them in stores.  They're thin (not bulky) but provide lots of warmth.  Plus Old Navy always has great sales.  Keep an eye out for them!

One thing I wanted to share though is that you can snag my outfit during their sale!  I bought these shorts in 3 colors and love them.  They're perfect with sandals, wedges, or with heels plus are 4" in length so more appropriate for differing age ranges (hello mid-30's)!   When I snagged them though, J. Crew Factory was having an extra 50% off of sale items so I only paid $15 for each pair.  #Winning  You can wait for an online sale like that to come around.  Tends to happen every other week or so with them.

My camisole comes in multiple colors too but they do still offer the precise one I have on - Printed Racerback Camis Top in Pink Multi.  It's goes great with black, white, or jeans and I'm willing to bet even red bottoms.  

It may be hard to tell in the picture, but the necklace I am wearing is their Crystal Cluster Pendant Necklace.  I'm also wearing their Crystal Trio Earrings.  

My nude strappy heels are the super popular style that has been all the rage for this past year.  I've seen them everywhere, on everyone, and in every brand.  MINE, however, were a steal compared to spending $75 - $400 on varying brands that I've looked at over this past year considering the purchase.  I'm an online shopper and a shoe like this is hard for me to purchase because of a particular foot issue that a strap across the front can be really painful sometimes.  I kept putting it off, knowing I would need to try them on and if you've read my previous posts about my clumsy feet and experience with shoes then you know I'm leery of spending a lot for shoes that I'll ruin instantaneously.  I AM the person whose heel falls into the sidewalk crack and scuffs the patent off of the back the first time I wear them.  That's me!  

Well, one day at Target months ago I allowed myself to venture through the clothing & shoes sections (while all I really needed was detergent and bananas) and discovered these beauties!  I paid $30 at the time, but they're so comfortable and do not hurt my foot issue.  They're currently on clearance for about $20!!!  They're Mossimo's Pamela Heeled Sandal.  Get on it!  

Last little FYI - I've gotten compliments on my red lipstick from a former picture I posted on social media and I'm wearing it in the J Crew picture posted above even though it's hard to tell up close.  I'll post the picture(s) below that I received the compliments on.  It's Loreal Colour Riche Le Matte - Mad for Matte.  I've since also purchased the pinker version Matte for Me. I love them both and they do not destroy my lips like most every other lipstick does.  I have major issues with lipstick drying out my lips and making them peel regardless of the brand or pricepoint.  These do not!  You can find them at any drug store or retail store like Target or Walmart.

That's all for now.  Happy Shopping!  Happy Friday!  Friday Fashion!