My Favorite Christmas Gifts for Him & Her

Christmas is coming!  I am all about shopping early and thoughtfully.  Gifts should have meaning and thought behind them, not given out of obligation.  I know some people like to make "Wish Lists" to help others easily acquire gifts for them, but I do not operate that way.  It's not a bad thing either way, I just prefer that what I purchase is something that makes me think of the person...and if I can't think of anything then wine is always the answer because who wouldn't want that?  ;)  And before I get started I just want to note that this list below is not my personal wish list.  I love these items and think they make for excellent gifts without breaking the bank.

I've gathered together my favorite items that fall under these categories: thoughtful and personalized or something everyone loves or could use.  I'm hoping this early list will help you be prepared as the inevitable "Black Friday" sales are already beginning early and we're thus being propelled into Christmas shopping sales from here on out.

I'm sharing Gift Ideas for Her and Gift Ideas for Him in two sections below:

Gift Ideas for Her: 

You can shop these items by clicking on the links in their descriptions (below these images) or by clicking directly on the images below.  

  1. Moon and Lola - personalized pet ornament $20-$22.  You can choose from pre-cut pure breed animals in gold or silver or send in a picture of a beloved pet to have it custom cut out, and then also have the ornament engraved with the pet's name.  I gave some of these as gifts last year and think they're the best!  While on the site make sure to click around for other fun things in their jewelry section that would also make for great gifts.
  2. All the Wire - coordinate cuff $37.  You can customize this bracelet with any coordinates that are meaningful to you like where you met your spouse/significant other or where a baby was born, where the recipient was born, where someone got engaged or married, or where you met your best friend!  The sky's the limit on that.  I absolutely love this concept and bought one for myself a while back.
  3. All the Wire - special date necklace $30. Similar concept to the description above but with initials and a meaningful date personalized for your gift recipient.  
  4. All the Wire - mi casa es su casa pillowcase "You're my Person" $40.  There's some other cute designs like "Besos", but I really like the "You're my Person" option. 
  5. All the Wire - jewelry dish $10.  I cannot tell you how much I love these.  They're sweet, thoughtful, pretty, AND practical!  There's several to choose from: I choose you, besos, you're my person, I love you, this is my year, love hard, live your story, live your dream, marked for greatness, speak life, be kind, #besties, bae, xoxo, worthy, mrs., hello gorgeous, and all the wire.
  6. Bittersweet - hair tie bracelet $40-$85 depending on the design.  I am infatuated with this product and use  mine every day.  For years I have sported a black hair tie on my wrist with no shame, never knowing when I might need it.  If it's newer then it cuts into your skin (you ladies know the drill here).  This bracelet has a groove in it that your hair tie sits perfectly in and makes it look fashionable.  It's genius, plus spares me the painful indention in my skin.  There are several designs to choose from and each in silver, gold, or rose gold.  They now offer smaller sizes for teens and kids.  AWESOME!
  7. Kendra Scott - "Rayne" stone tassel pendant necklace $80-$90.  I have yet to jump on the Kendra Scott jewelry bandwagon, but I do love this necklace and earrings (below) that I see everyone wearing.  I know this would make a great gift because of just that, everyone loves it!  It comes in many colors.
  8. Kendra Scott - "Daniel - large" oval statement earrings $65-$75.  Repeat above about the necklace, and it comes in many colors as well. =)
  9. Nadri - pavé hinged crossover bracelet $90.  Just because it's pretty, elegant, and classy.
  10. Kate Spade - glitter stud earrings $38 (if not less when on sale).  These are pretty, classy as well, and perfect for both Christmas and New Years!
  11. BP - heritage plaid scarf in natural $25.  Two words: Christmas colors!
  12. BP - reversible scarf (black and white herringbone, red & navy plaid) $26.  This is totally cute with the mixed patterns, but also is a Christmas-y scarf.  
  13. Old Navy - sueded Sherpa-lined moccasin slippers $19.94.  I have owned these for years and love them every time the weather gets cold.  They're warm, comfortable, and have rubber soles so you can wear them outside if needed.  They currently come in 7 colors.
  14. Old Navy - faux fur lined trapper hat $18.94.  Take a look at this and tell me it's not cute!  While these hats may not be practical in Texas, if I do travel somewhere cold I love to wear cute things like this.  If you know someone going on a ski trip - you have your perfect recipient.  (And likewise for the next item.)
  15. Old Navy - faux fur ear muffs $14.94.  Repeat of #14's comment here, but this one comes in both cream and black.  Super cute!


Gift Ideas for Him:

You can shop these items by clicking on the links in their descriptions (below these images) or by clicking directly on the images below.  

  1. Nordstrom - cotton & cashmere v-neck sweater $49.50. Sweaters are an easy go to, but I can't help myself when it comes to cashmere or cashmere blends and especially v-necks with a button down underneath.  I think they are always a handsome outfit for men.
  2. Nordstrom - cashmere v-neck sweater $145.  Because, same as above plus it's cashmere.  Touchable softness begs for a hug.
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue - plaid cashmere scarf $29.97.  This won't last long because it's at Saks Off Fifth but it's Saks Fifth Avenue jump to it!   
  4. Saks Fifth Avenue - solid cashmere scarf $59.99.  This one comes in multiple colors and is also at Saks Off Fifth although it's Saks Fifth Avenue's brand.  Score!
  5. Old Navy - sueded Sherpa lined moccasin slippers for men $19.94.  Repeat from above, I love mine!  This is one of the best and easiest gifts that everyone can use especially with the rubber soles allowing you to walk outside.
  6. Nomad - Key for Lightening $30-$35.  This thing is so neat!  You attach it to your key chain and it acts as a phone charger when you plug it into a USB outlet.  This is perfect for someone always on the go.  It works for Apple MFi-certified, works with iPhone 6/6 Plus/5/5s/5c, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and iPad Mini.
  7. Nomad - slim Horween leather charging wallet $119.95.  This is a charging wallet for men that is slimmer than the usual bi-fold wallet (see below). The site shows it works for iPhone 5, 5C, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus.
  8. Nomad - charging wallet for iPhone $59.95.  This is a classic wallet that charges iPhones and is now discounted because they've come out with their newer, slimmer version (see above).
  9. Nite Ize - HandleBand smart phone bike mount $14.99.  I think this is neat for most men who own any type of bike.  Whether they want to play music, map where they're going, or be able to see any urgent messages pop up while riding, this works for everyone!
  10. Heirloom - state shaped cutting board $48.  This is a thoughtful gift, in my opinion, especially for someone who may have moved from somewhere else.  You can customize the board with initials and a few graphics like a star or heart over the city the person lives in.  
  11. Gekks - sockless shoe insert $18-$25.  These are great for those who do not like to wear socks with their loafers or tennis shoes.  They are no-show slip ins that absorb sweat and odor.  This is a win-win for everyone!
  12. Mikasa - hammer copper Moscow mule mugs $25.  I see these all the time and think they're pretty yet masculine.  Regardless of what anyone pours into these, it will be cold!
  13. S'well - Onyx 17oz reusable bottle $35.  These seem to be super popular these days, so I figure why not snatch up the masculine one for the man in your life?
  14. W&P Design - carry on cocktail travel pack $90.  Self explanatory. =)  It contains 3 carry on cocktail kits such as a Moscow MuleOld FashionedGin & Tonic, or Champagne Cocktail.  There's a few others as well.  This allows you to make your favorite drink after purchasing the liquor from the airline steward.
  15. eTape 16 - Digital Tape Measure $27.37.  Because men.  That is all the reasoning needed.


I hope this has been helpful to generate some ideas of things to buy or at least direct you to some decent/better prices!  Not all of the items can be included in the widget below and I had to either link it through Amazon or through the direct site, so apologies for sending you all over the internet.  You can peruse some of the items by clicking on one of the images below.  If you do not see them in there then make sure to click on the images above to be taken to their sites.  

Email me if you need suggestions for gifts or stocking stuffers.  I enjoy helping others find great gifts and with a little description about the person you're shopping for I am certain I can help you with ideas.

Happy Shopping!  Happy Friday!