New Year's Eve Style & Last Minute Party Decor

Happy Friday Everyone!  I'm taking the day off from my usual "Friday fashion" post because I am traveling  and drafted this post in advance of leaving town.  I hope that everyone is busy with their family & friends celebrating Christmas this weekend.  That being said, there's only one week left to pick out your New Year's Eve outfit if you're going to order online!  So, today I am sharing some ideas for that and last minute party decor you can snatch up quickly on Amazon and then get right back to focusing on celebrating Christmas. 

Now, truth be told I am not even sure what I'm going to wear on New Year's Eve but I am pretty confident it will be black.  I've been toying with the idea of buying a new outfit but I have plenty of new things to wear already.  Instead, I have gathered together outfit ideas of the things I *would likely* buy if I were to go shopping for New Year's Eve.  =)  

I think the best thing about these items are that they're simple, not too overstated, and they can be worn for other events.  I am personally yearning for the Nordstrom sequin sides leggings because it's just the right amount of sequin pizzazz for me!  Pair it with a black blouse and strappy heeled sandals and I'm all set.  Maybe I do need to shop after all?  ;)

You can shop the items above by copy and pasting the link below into your browser or by clicking here

You may also click on the images below to expand each "look" if you'd like to peruse the items that way.


Below you'll find a quick assortment of New Year's Eve party decor in black, gold, and some white.  I'd hope anyone who's hosting a New Year's Eve gathering has already procured their decorations but figured I'd include some just in case!  

This is not all inclusive of what's out there but it is a helpful starter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this weekend and STAY TUNED for a post coming on Tuesday, December 27th 2016 with some FUN New Year's Eve party foods, decor, and games for kids!  

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