What You'll Find at My House

I came across a cute questionnaire in my favorite magazine the other night about what one of their editors keeps in her house.  I enjoyed reading it as it provides a tiny glimpse into other people's lives.  Sort of like voyeurism but without the creepiness.  ;)  I thought I'd share my responses to the questions just to spice things up a bit!  I need to apologize in advance for the plethora of memes I used in this post.  Once I got started looking at them I couldn't stop.  There's so many funny ones I could sit all day reading them.

Here we go..about me:

A flashback pic from Valentine's Day in London in 2015 - my hair is definitely not that long now!

A flashback pic from Valentine's Day in London in 2015 - my hair is definitely not that long now!


  • You'll always find ____ in my fridge.

Mustard (yellow and brown) and almond milk, but never mixed together. 

  • Favorite family recipe:

This is a tie between Mammaw's meatballs and my mom's chicken soup.  I can almost completely replicate Mammaw's meatballs, but I have yet to get close to making my chicken soup taste like my mom's.  

Pictured below is the Paleo and Whole 30 version of her meatballs that I've made.  Her non-Paleo/Whole 30 version with Parmesan cheese is better...way better.  Cheese makes everything better.  Annnnddd for those of us choosing to abstain from it, these similar meatballs will do just fine.  =)


  • Guilty pleasure:

Wine and margaritas.  I eat pretty darn healthy and exercise a lot so I allow myself that as an indulgence.  A girl's gotta have something, right?  

  • The last thing I bought online:

At the time I am writing this post it was an order of four floor length dresses for an upcoming event.  I'm trying to determine if any of them will be returned...the struggle is real.

  • Household chore I actually enjoy:

Vacuuming would likely take the #1 spot (and I love my light, Oreck vacuum!), although I don't mind cleaning in general.  Hmmm, well, except the nitty-gritty bathroom details.  That can gross me out.  Ewe.  Or old food left on someone else's plate in the sink and water has been run over it so then the food is old, wet, cold, and soooooo grossssssss.  YUCK.  I am making myself sick just thinking about it.  Ok...moving on.

  • Favorite family ritual:

Visiting at Mammaw's every Sunday for lunch.  My whole family knew when and where to show up without a question.  I loved it.  I'm missing out on those gatherings now that she's moved out of state and I need to sync up with my family here to get some kind of pattern going to visit with them on the weekends still.  ='{

  • If there were an extra hour today I would:

Go to the gym because I skipped it this morning to get into work by 6:15am.  However, this is not a normal work week for me so on a normal day with an extra hour I would probably consider taking a nap.  Yes.  A nap sounds heavenly.  The problem with napping is the heavy, deep sleep that turns a power nap into a 2-3 hour nap.  Zzzzzzzzzz.

  • I just learned:

The made up word "Galentine" for "Galentine's Day".  So cute!  (And I may live under a rock to have just heard this.)

  • I drive:

Sorry y'all, I'm not disclosing that information on here.  =/

  • How did I ever live without:

Guacamole.  Seriously.  I avoided it for sooooo long and finally tried my step mom's sometime in the last decade and BOOM, I was in love.  Give me all the avocado and allllll the guacamole.  Hold the chips, please.

Despite this "song" being terrible, I have to applaud her enthusiasm and self confidence to do a little dance about it.

  • I stay fit by:

Running, weights, HIIT, sprints, and occasionally kickboxing or Pilates.  Plus, I try to eat pretty healthy all the time.  Nutrition is a lifestyle, not a short term diet.  It's taken me YEARS to conquer some of my bad habits and food addictions.  

  • Favorite board game:

Scrabble, I guess.  I don't really play board games but with the right company board games can be fun.  Does anyone have any suggestions for fun ones to try?

  • ____ is the new black.

Grace (and forgiveness).  Seriously.  We need more of this for ourselves and for others.  

I hope you enjoyed this post as something fun to learn about me.  I'd love to hear more about you and what I may find at YOUR house.  Feel free to comment below or heck, even share your favorite meme! ;)  If there's anything specific you're enjoying from my blog that you'd like to see more of please let me know that as well.

Have a great day!