Friday Favorites - April 14th 2017

It's Fri-yay!  Woo hoo!

As you're reading this I am jetting out of state (yet again) to visit my precious family in Tennessee.  

I am sharing my favorites from this past week which will be very photo heavy with a focus on my Cancun trip so I'll try to keep my actually writing to a minimum.  I apologize in advance for the bikini pictures.  It's not my favorite thing to share by any means but it was a beach vacation, we took a lot of funny photos, and this is a followup to my swimsuit post last week so I sort of have to.

Also, this will be best viewed from a computer versus your phone because there are a lot of photos. 

In no particular order:

Favorite #1

The Nizuc Resort & Spa was beautiful and it was on the side of the coast to watch the sunset.  You know I love my sunrises more than anything, but sunsets will do just fine.  They're equally as beautiful and provide a nice moment to reflect on the closing of yet another blessed day we are allowed on this earth.

Favorite #2

The food was excellent!  I did not take pictures of every meal, I promise.  I only snapped a few to show that it is possible to still eat pretty healthy (aside from drinking) while on vacation.  I was able to stay within my Whole 30 regimen and if not then definitely Paleo while eating.  The staff was all very cautious when I provided guidelines on what restrictions I had.  Of course, it's confusing to them when I say I do not eat this, this, this, this, this, this this, but can I have another margarita please?  Ehhhh.  Whatever.  I've never been less than honest about how hypocritical it is that I rave about eating Whole 30/Paleo but that I drink alcohol (and sometimes with some sweetened mixture).  Factor vacation in to it and I had quite a few more cocktails than normal.  Oopsie!  One thing I loved was all of the fresh squeezed juice options at breakfast.

Favorite #3

My outfits were on point and I don't even know how I scrambled to acquire some of it within the five days I had from the time I agreed to the trip on Sunday to the time I left on Friday morning.

1) This dress from Francesca's was super comfortable and cute.  It could have been worn with sandals or wedges, but I wore it with my favorite Mossimo Irene Ghille lace up pumps from Target and these Aqua tassel earrings in hot pink that matched perfectly.

The wind was so strong that evening, among other things, that for the life of me I couldn't take a decent picture.  So, below you have an array of less than perfect pictures of the outfit!

2) The Yumi Kim dress I wore below with the same Aqua tassel earrings and Mossimo Irene Ghille lace up pumps as above.  The dress is four or five years old so I cannot provide you with the link to the dress, however you can find the style here in another print as well as in solids. It's 100% silk and so soft and comfortable!  I see Yumi Kim on RueLaLa and all the time, which is where I purchased it from as well as many of my other great finds!

3) This Flying Tomato maxi was a great TJ Maxx find and there was only one in a size too big for me but I made it work anyway!  I cannot find the precise one online, but I have added similar ones in the link you'll see at the end of this section.  The Marshall's hat and Francesca's Clementine Cluster earrings I wore with the dress (loved) and then transitioned them to wear with my Target bathing suit.

I can't link the exact hat but here's two options that are beige(1) and beige(2) as well as a black option.

My Shade & Shore Summer Macrame Racerback halter swim top actually has the cutest lace up detail in the back, but I didn't take a photo of it.  It is from Target as well as my black swim suit bottoms.  

All of the above I sported with my Tory Burch Miller sandals that I yearned for for about four years or so before splurging.  Note on this, wait until Bloomingdales or Saks has a 20% or 25% entire purchase and you can finally get a discount on these.  I never can find them in my size when "on sale" or at an outlet.  I managed to buy both brown and black ones for 25% off this way.

4) I wore these Charlotte Russe ombre tassel earrings that I've mentioned before with one of my other fabulous new Xhilaration tassel triangle swim tops from Target.  I paired it with an old Vix swimwear bottom I purchased on years ago and my Express tortoise heavy brow cat eye sunglasses.  I found the fedora at Marshall's which was exciting because it was inexpensive and my former one is a bit darker and getting worn out! 

5) These Esmeralda circle drop earrings from Francesca's - sooo cute and tropical.

6) This Band of Gypsies dress was a Marshall's find for $20 and worth every penny.  I wasn't even sure I'd like it when I bought it between the pattern and the fit.  I tried it on at home and it was love.  Perfect for spring.  Perfect for summer.  Perfect for Valentine's 2018...because 2017 is about to be over (Am I right? Geeze, the months are flying by).  I paired it perfectly with my red Mossimo Irene Ghille lace up pumps from Target.  

You can shop all of these looks (similar styles and/or precise items) by clicking here or copy and pasting this link into your web browser:

Favorite #4

The shenanigans were out of control.  I guess one could say that I like humor in general, but I especially enjoy it when I'm with company that appreciates it and participates back.  I was going to caption the photos below, but I'll just let them speak for themselves.

Favorites #5

Last but not least are my Bitmoji replicas.  If you don't use the Bitmoji app on your phone then I feel like you're missing out on so much goodness.  That darn thing makes me laugh every day either when I send one or when I receive one.  I can't help it.  I love it!  It makes text messaging all the more enjoyable and you can basically have full on conversations using them.  On my last trip to Mexico I made a few Bitmoji replicas that you can view in my previous post.  Here are my newest ones!

Well, thank goodness that sums up my favorites from this past week.  I probably should narrow this down to a shorter post about just my outfits, but I wanted to share more about the trip.  I laughed soooo much on this trip and definitely felt a lot less stressed than I did on the last trip given the timing of what was going on in my life at that time with my friend's health.  God is so good and His presence is all around us if we pause long enough to soak it in, praise and thank Him.  And a very special thank you to my PIC and travel companion for stopping me in the moment so often on this trip to snap a photo of me when I wasn't always aware it would be a good one.

If you're in need of a swimsuit you can find the swimsuits I wore on this trip and many more in my 2017 swim suit round up here!  You can also find them and the (similar) outfits from this post below:

How was your previous week?  What were the highlights for you?  And if you haven't yet, please subscribe so that you do not miss out on any future posts.  I'll be sharing a new recipe on Monday!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!  


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