Party Ideas for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is this weekend and I know we all enjoy the long weekend.  For some families school may already be out for the summer and for others this marks the final count down to summer.  There's a lot of easy and fun things you can do to make your Memorial Day weekend patriotic and festive for your family and friends whether or not you're hosting a gathering or just spending the day at home!  I've listed below ten ideas to jump start your planning.

1) Make a dessert with white icing or whipped cream topping and add red and blue berries to the top of it for a red, white, and blue dessert.  You can sprinkle the assortment over the top, pile a bunch in the center, or strategically place them across the dessert to create the American flag.  It's decorative and festive!  Most commonly used berries for this are strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

2) Hang the American flag in your yard as well as place small flags around your house for guests to easily pick up.  You can also buy stickers or face stickers, temporary tattoos, headbands and bows for the kids so they can don festive attire.

3) Freeze red and blue berries in ice cube trays to serve in beverages like sparkling water, lemonade, Sprite, or adult cocktails.

4) Freeze red and blue berries to put directly into sparkling wine, champagne, or sparkling water.

5) Buy red, blue, or red, white, and blue popsicles for guests to eat or to put into their drinks to cool the drinks down.

6) Buy red, white, and blue beach balls to blow up and have floating in the pool for fun and for festive decor.

7) Place out patriotic stationary and pens for everyone (especially children) to write a Thank You letter to mail to the troops.

8) Take the children to the local VA hospital to hand out treats or Thank You cards to the veterans.  You can search to find hospitals or VA centers here:

9) If you have a veteran in the family, you can ask them to share a story and explain the importance and significance of the day.  It's not just about hot dogs, swimming, and a day off from work and school! 

10) Light a candle or sparkler for each person you know that has served and say a prayer together for them, those currently serving our country, and for those who have passed away protecting and serving our country.

I hope you enjoyed the ideas in this post and can use them to celebrate this weekend while remembering the brave men and women who have fought and died for our freedom.  Keep in mind that anything you purchase can be used again soon for Independence Day in July as well!  #doublethewin And note, do not be surprised if you see these ideas again then too. ;)  What are you favorite ways to decorate and celebrate Memorial Day?  Comment below!

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