Tips to Navigating Around My Blog - Every Piece Fits

Happy Friday everyone!  

I'm traveling right now as you may know from my What's Up Wednesday post two days ago, so in lieu of a Friday Favorites post I thought I'd share a quick blog post on how to best use my blog site.  This will help you get the most out of each post.  Considering I put a lot of time into adding these features to each post (each time, individually) I probably should have pointed this out sooner!  

Things to be on the lookout for are:

1) Underneath the main blog post title, you will find categories that the post falls under.  Sometimes there's more than one.  You can click on these to be taken to that category of blog posts.  Ex: Food & Drink takes you to all recipes, Whole 30 will take you to only Whole 30 recipes, Paleo will take you to only Paleo recipes, and so on.

2) Underneath the main title and categories is a "Pin It" button.  You can click that to pin the blog post to your Pinterest account.  Example is below:

3) On every Monday's Menu blog post, you will find a link immediately following the "Pin It" button prompting you to print the recipe.  That link will open up a new web browser for easy printing.

4) Throughout the posts, the images will vary depending upon the post's content.  You can pin any and all images to your Pinterest account that will link you back to the blog post.  Some images will have separate links in addition to that so that if you click on the image it will open a new web browser to take you to additional content.  Some images will have a feature to simply enlarge the photo for you to look at.

5) Any text that appears in orange has a link attached to it that will open in a new web browser.  Some links will be informational, some will be recipes, some will link you to another blog post, some will link you to Amazon or a store I'm referencing.  The links will open in new browsers so that you do not lose the originating blog post of mine that you're viewing. =)

6) I add a widget to any post that references fashion.  This widget will allow you to shop the same or similar items I've selected for that post.  The widgets can be seen on smart phones and regular computers, but they will not show up in the actual emails if you've subscribed.  So, make sure to open the blog post from your emails to get the full view.

7) At the close of every post you will see the below button which will allow you to follow me on Pinterest.

8) Next you will typically see a Pinterest board of mine that relates to the blog post or my Pinterest profile that will allow you to follow me on Pinterest. Ex:

9) I try* to remember to insert an option to subscribe to my blog next, however you can also find the opportunity to subscribe at the very, very bottom of the webpage.

10) At the very bottom of each blog post (after any Amazon products I may list for fun), you will find a BlogLovin' button.  This will take you to BlogLovin's site where you can follow my blog along with your favorite blogs.  It's a third party site that you can sign up for for free and select which blogs you want to follow.  It then sends you an email summary of new blog posts so that you're not receiving a bunch of individual emails from varying blogs. Ex:


11) Next you will find a list of subcategories in gray related to each blog post.  Clicking on these will take you to any blog post that may share the same subcategory.  I frequently add new subcategories as I create blog posts so the listed posts may not be all inclusive, but it is an easy way to search for related posts.  Sub-category examples are: bread, Paleo, scarves, boots, DIY, holidays, etc.

12) You'll see social media icons in red at the bottom of the page and at the top right of the page at all times. You can click on any of those to be taken to my social media accounts.  Don't be can follow me on those sites too!

13) Next you will see comments.  I find this options to be pitifully small and difficult to find so I especially want to draw attention to it!  I love to read comments and receive feedback so please try to locate this option and comment away!  Unfortunately I cannot (or haven't figured out how to) change the sizing and location of the comments section.

14) Related posts automatically appear below the comments section.

15) You can scroll left or right on the main screen to be taken to the blog post that was posted either before or after the current one you're reading.

16) There is a magnifying glass at the top right of the website for you to search for any key word.

17) If you click on the three lines at the top left of the website you will open a window that acts like a smaller version of the home page with the different pages to my site.

I hope this has been helpful to you all and that you can now locate previous posts easier, especially the recipe posts.  I wish the formatting were different on this hosting site and I may switch to a new one when my blog anniversary comes around in September.  Until then, this will help!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday for a new recipe I'm sharing.