Over the Weekend - My Typical Routine

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I'm keeping in check with my promise (to myself) to keep my posts short and sweet right now while life is busier than normal but also keeping in check with my promise (to myself) to keep up with my blog post routine as much as possible.  So-far-so-good.  

I'm linking up with Erika and Shay to share my monthly "Workin' it Wednesday" topic for July: Over the weekend...

I'd like to boast that I have a routine, but my schedule varies quite a bit as I do not have children yet nor any set obligations.  My family is spread out in multiple states now as well and I like to attend multiple churches when I can.  Weather permitting I may run some mornings.  It's a free for all over here!  However, my ideal weekend routine when everything I want to do and accomplish falls into place is/would be:

Fridays - I am lucky and blessed to have an amazing boss and a semi-flexible work schedule so that most Fridays I can leave the office early.  Even if I can't for some reason, I enjoy my job (probably too much) and can usually knock out some personal stuff as Friday afternoons are quieter.  Think oil & gas industry that usually works 9-80's so half of the people I need to be in touch with aren't even in the office on Fridays. 

If I haven't worked out and have the time on Friday afternoon I will squeeze in a work out, but this varies depending on my evening plans.  I like to call Friday evenings "date night" because they should be.  Whether on a date with my beau or with one of my girl-friends, it's a great opportunity to "wine down".  ;)  Get it?  

That being said, some Fridays I opt to stay in so that I have an early night because...

Saturdays - I love me some Saturday mornings.  There is just something about Saturdays that boost me with energy.  If the weather is nice I try to get outside to run as the sun comes up.  I always aim to stop at my favorite spot 20 minutes after the sun comes up to take the sunrise picture (you may have seen me post including the photo on my main blog site landing page).  Whether I do a long run or shorter run, I always calculate that spot to be 20 minutes after sunrise.  It's prettiest then.

After that I usually shower while listening to podcasts and make breakfast of some sort depending upon my to-do list errands.  If my uncle is in town then I try to see him for a chiropractic adjustment.  If I have returns or other errands to run then I venture to each store based on the time they open so that I'm in and out without parking hassles.  

I love grocery shopping super early at the store if* I go to the store and don't use Instacart (referral code rbrittain22 if you haven't tried it yet!)  There's something soothing about getting a cup of coffee and meandering the aisles with my grocery list, dreaming of things to cook or bake while the store is quiet.

Once I'm done with my errands I like to sit with the window curtains/blinds open to let the sun in, drink some coffee, and read.  I sometimes meet friends or family for brunch.  I like to get some cleaning done as well.  And the evenings usually consist of going out to dinner.

Sundays - I prefer the early services at church if I do not go on Saturday evening so I'm usually up with a cup of coffee and out the door for the 8am service at Hope City, or 9:30 service at a church I started to attend across town recently.  Sunday afternoons are perfect for brunch with family if possible or for prepping a nice Sunday dinner if I'm cooking at home.  If I do not make it to an earlier service, I may pop into the 5pm service at Ecclesia.  

If I have time in between I may work out, clean, Pinterest and read.  I try to keep Sundays very relaxed!

How do you spend your weekends?  Anything specific that you try to always work in to your schedule or anything that you avoid?  Comment below!

You can find some types of mine from a previous blog post on how to get the most out of your day.  I've also shared some fun ideas on things to do with the kiddos this summer in last month's Workin' it Wednesday post.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday and rest of the weekend.  Until we meet again...don't forget to subscribe below so that you don't miss out on future posts!