All Things Christmas

Christmas time is here and I hope you’re as excited as I am! Some of the best things about this month are the endless opportunities to partake if festive gatherings. One of the worst things about this month is that those festive gatherings make the month fly by much too fast. I like to decorate our house early and enjoy looking at the decorations as much as possible every day. Do you like to enjoy your decorated home as well? I often wish I could keep Christmas decorations up for at least two months…who am I trying to kid…I wish I could keep them up all year long!

Today I am linking up with Shay to share how I do all things Christmas!

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I hesitated twice to even begin this post because I don’t want to feel redundant in anything I share and since I haven’t shared a whole lot of anything in the past month(s) I feel uninspired and repetitive. Thankfully I haven’t yet shared Christmas this year so here’s a little tid bit about how I operate.

  1. Start early, work at your own pace, and create the mood. I operate out of sincerity, always. If it’s not in my heart I struggle too much to force it or enjoy it. So setting a mood is critical for in almost all aspects of life. For Christmas, I yearn to decorate and feel festive all year long! So, I light pine tree scented candles, turn on Christmas carols, play a Christmas movie in the background (or formerly my fireplace DVD), light the fireplace (now that I have one), and pop the champagne. I much prefer to decorate alone because it is a work of art ever changing as I decorate and move things around. It feels so good to be lost in my mind and separated from the never ending, nagging to-do list and get swept up in Christmas fantasies of snow falling, Santa Claus, romance, and magic.

  2. I allow myself days to finish the task. I know once I’m decorating I will be able to determine if I want/need to acquire anything new. Then I procure said items when I have coupons or sales which helps me feel like the bargain shopper that I am.

  3. Don’t forget the Dollar Store! There are some things there that are festive and great to work into you decor, but the main thing is that they have exceptional prices and options for holiday parties. Think plates, napkins, Santa cups and mugs, and a plethora of cute kids’ party trinkets.

  4. I never feel like I have to fit everything in to one day. I know my decor evolves over a couple of weeks until it feels “complete” and my Christmas shopping is a process. I start early on that but only purchase things that I truly think a person will not. I do not believe in giving a gift because we feel we have to. Gifts should be personal and thoughtful. I’ve always said I don’t care if it’s a handwritten note on a napkin while you were at dinner…it means a lot that you took the time to think of me!

  5. Think of family and children and friends. To me, making others feel good and smile is what energizes my heart. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. My hubs is the same way. He is a giver and so, so thoughtful. It’s been an exciting Christmas thus far because he gets excited when I ask his opinion about a gift for someone because he wants the recipient to be excited and happy too. This season is about our Lord, Jesus Christ, being born first and foremost. Then, it is about a time for giving love, kindness, and thoughtfulness (not about the cost of the gift itself). Then, it is about a time of magic, memories, and merrymaking for everyone of every age but especially children. I just love making this holiday feel so magical for them!

  6. Plan, plan, plan. I’ve said it a million times…I’m a planner and love to plan. But, even if you’re not a planner at heart you would be insane to not attempt to plan out this month. There are (almost) too many things to do, invites to accept, invites to send, and things to plan. It’s important to enjoy as much as you can, factor in and plan for downtime, and also leave a little buffer time to allow flexibility for last minute things that can pop up. Have plenty of red and green and sparkly outfits lined up. Get out your favorite red lipstick and shiny jewelry. Be ready to rock around that Christmas tree!

  7. Look in the local paper and online for events happening around town and for ways to give back. I like to look for free movie nights in the park, places where Santa will be, ice skating events, etc. If you have children this is a great way to keep the spirit alive all month!

  8. Wear Christmas pajamas! I have all of mine pulled out and set aside so that I can wear some every night in December. I’ve waited all year for this…

  9. Listen to Christmas music every chance you get! I know some people think* they can’t handle this but even if I may not be in the mood I quickly convert into the mood and just love, love love it! I’d like to say I waited all year for this but truth be told I typically listen to Christmas music intermittently throughout the year.

How do you celebrate Christmas and the whole season? Do you have traditions that make the holidays feel special for you like going to look at Christmas lights or going to a Christmas play?

There is definitely no right or wrong and so much of it depends on personality but also our family traditions growing up. I find it so fascinating to hear about what others do!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week ahead.