10 on the 10th - 10 Items in my Car

It's Tuesday!  And you know what that means?  Taco Tuesday!  And it's the 10th of the month which means today I'm sharing a 10 on the 10th topic.  Last month we discussed 10 spring cleaning tips that you can read here!  I'm linking up with Erin today to share this month's topic - ten items I keep in my car.

I've had known in the past of being prepared for anything like a Girl Scout by what's in my purse.  However, at a friend's baby shower back in January I actually discovered I am nowhere nearly as prepared as some other ladies in my life!  I do try to think ahead, but I also value carrying as light of a purse as possible especially if the purse itself is larger or heavier without anything in it.  Right ladies?  I'm sure you feel me on this!

One way I do try to be prepared is by keeping certain things available in my car.  Mind you, I do not yet have children so I am able to carry around much less than any of you mamas out there!  


1.  Napkins!  If I ever stop somewhere for coffee or food, I grab extra napkins to keep in my glove box.  I don't know why I have never kept Kleenex as well, only napkins.  I guess because in a dire situation they serve as both.  But, I can't count how many times I lean across the car to grab a napkin.

2.  Hand sanitizer.  It's good to have it on the go!  My favorite smell-good hand sanitizers are from Bath and Body Works.

3.  A travel sized manicure set.  Think about this ladies...how many times have you broken, chipped, or ripped a nail and needed to cut or file your nail?  It surprisingly comes in handy often enough.

4.  Two umbrellas.  One large and one small to put in my purse.

5.  A seat belt cutting/window breaking thing in case of emergency.

6.  A taser gun.   Safety first?  The FH seems to think so. ;)

7.  Leather wipes to clean the inside on a whim.

8.  My journal for church notes.  I keep it there so I won't forget it!

9.  Reusable totes for the grocery store.  I frequently forget to take them into the grocery store, but they do help carry larger hauls into the house.

10.  A extra pair of sunglasses.  I keep a pair in my purse and a pair in my car.  Every now and then when I switch purses or carry a smaller purse I find I need my extra pair and am always grateful to have the back up pair.

**Need to add lotion, hair ties, and gum.  I used to keep extras in my car but since changing cars a while back I haven't replenished and those are things I always need.

What are items you keep in your car that you're grateful you keep on hand?  Any useful suggestions?

Wishing everyone a wonderful & happy Tuesday!