Coreluv - May Match!

Hello dear friends!

Today I am flying to Tennessee to kick off a visit in Knoxville and then to celebrate my dear friend's bachelorette weekend in Nashville. We will be a party of 19 (I think it is?) all coming from different states to celebrate Karen, and you know why?  She has a heart of gold.  She leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets.  

Karen went to Haiti twice in the past years to help in an orphanage village for a week each time and the impact of their dire situations and the improvements she's seen because of Coreluv's efforts has changed her heart dramatically.  And that is an understatement. 


So, I feel compelled to mention this organization because it is important to her heart.  We have TEN days left in the month of May which means you have TEN days to make a contribution to a great cause and get the donation matched.  Coreluv is a non-profit organization that helps defend the orphans in impoverished countries.  Well, Coreluv has generous supporters who have pledged to match every donation received during the month of May, every yearYou can change the lives of more than one child by making a contribution during May.  That is amazing!  Please check out this link and consider donating.  Not only are you serving God's children as we're called to do in The Bible, you're changing their lives and your own heart.  

Link to donate:

About Coreluv:

Thank you for checking this out and considering donating to an amazing organization. 

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