TBB Asks - May Entertainment Edition

Am I the only one struggling to remember it's May?  I keep thinking to myself, in May I'll do this, in May I'll schedule that, in May in May in May...but it IS MAY.  IT IS MAY.  I am cognizant enough to know the date on a day to day basis, but somehow I am stuck in April in my mind.  The last week being home after our honeymoon is a blur of puppy poo, early mornings, and playing fetch.  I think this lady needs a break.  #puppytrainingwoes

I'm hoping to catch up on emails, blogging, and reading my fellow bloggers's posts in between writing thank you cards and taking the little bunny, Lorenzo, outside for potty breaks which is why I was happy to see this fun link up that I've been missing out on with my schedule these past couple of months.  The Blended Blog is a fun site of multiple bloggers that I like to check out frequently.  Their fun May "asks" question list is below!


1. Comedy or drama?  Comedy all day, every day.

2. Fiction or non-fiction?  Depends on the context.  I prefer non-fiction in the sense of reading self help books, but fiction in the sense that I like a good romance/feel-good book like Emily Giffin's style of writing.  I do not like fiction in the sense of comic books or Transformers types of things.

3. Movies in theater or at home?  I guess I'm an at home person because I rarely go to the movies, but truly it's that there are rarely movies out that pique my interest.  I watch the same movies over and over and over.  But, if I happen to watch TV and/or look for a movie that intrigues me then I would prefer to see it at a theater.  POPCORN people.  P O P C O R N.

4. Musical or play?  Play, 99% of the time.

5. Which meal of the day is your favorite meal to eat out?  DINNER.  It's not the healthiest meal to eat heavy and drag out, however it is typically the only time of day that the hubs and I can sit and relax, talk and drink wine.  I like to believe I sacrifice my waistline for a good cause.

6. Favorite book ever read?  This is toss up between The Meaning of Marriage, Love and Respect, The 5 Love Languages, Sacred Marriage, and The Battle Plan for Prayer.  Gosh, I could go on and on with additional titles that excite me.  Of course, truly, the Bible trumps them all.  But, it's in a league of it's own.  You can find all of my favorite books here: http://www.everypiecefits.com/books/ 

7. Game night, yes or no?  Generally I will participate but it's not the first thing on my mind.  I definitely always have fun though.  I guess I just opt for conversation as my introverted self doesn't see everyone as often as I likely should/could also with our schedule.

8. Favorite outside game to play?  Badminton.  All day, every day.

9. Favorite TV series ever?  Seinfeld, with Friends and Sex and the City with a marginal close distance behind.

10. Sitcoms growing up or sitcoms of today?  Definitely sitcoms growing up.  I cannot force myself to watch most of the new ones.  I just can't.  

11. Miniature golf or bowling?  Miniature golf!  I haven't played it since a couple of years ago and it was many, many moons before then that I played.  But, I enjoy it much more than bowling. 

12. Favorite movie theater candy?  Didn't I already mention popcorn above?  Who has time for candy?  But, if I did eat candy it is/was always chocolate so likely peanut M&M's.

13. How do you like your popcorn?  Salty and buttery.  But, my true popcorn love was the sour cream and onion popcorn that used to be sold in the late 80's/early 90's that my mom would make us.  It makes my mouth water even now!

14. 3D movie with glasses; yes or no?  I haven't ever seen one sooo???  I don't know?

15. Favorite genre of books to read?  Christian marriage self help books.  I cannot even help it or deny it.  Outside of that, I like the feel good fiction books about love and relationships.

What are some of your favorite entertainment quirks?  Do you like to watch movies or read? Prefer fiction or non-fiction?

I hope you're all having a wonderful beginning of the week, friends!  I am working on a wedding planning post.  I've finally made one of the meals I had in mind to blog about.  And after a few failed attempts, have uploaded our wedding photos to Shutterfly.  I hope to share all of this with you soon!