10 on the 10th - 10 Things Motherhood Taught Me

It's the 10th day of the month and that means I'm linking up with Erin for her fun 10 on the 10th link up.  I came across these in March and joined in with 10 Spring Cleaning Tips and then in April with 10 Items in my Car.

This month's topic is "10 things motherhood taught me" and while I am not yet a mother, I am a mother to a fur-baby and was previously with my boys, Romeo & Beckett.  I also have cared for many children in my life so I thought maybe I'd have something to offer with this topic. ;)

10 Things Motherhood has Taught Me - EveryPieceFits.com.png

1.  It has taught me that getting anything done is a major accomplishment and to celebrate the small victory of crossing any one thing off of my to-do list.  (babies and puppies)

2. It has taught me to appreciate a relaxing shower or time to put on make up.  Those days have felt glorious.  It's much different than having to keep an eye on a puppy meandering around the bathroom to potentially potty or eat something he shouldn't.  And it's much different than babies on the move that you can't take your eyes off of! (babies and puppies)

3. It has taught me to schedule my day as much as possible.  Puppies need naps, babies need naps.  The quiet time is the best time to do things like cook, clean, blog, exercise, etc. (puppies)

4. It has taught me that my schedule can go out the window in flames very fast.  I've experienced this with babies, children, and puppies.  It's frustrating, but that's life.  Most things can wait anyway. (puppies)

5. It has taught me to cherish the moments in the present when my schedule does disintegrate into thin air.  I experienced this with my nieces when I was out there for almost three weeks to help when the twins were born.  I spent tired hours playing with the oldest two who were 2 and 1 years old at the time the twins were born.  We played and loved and played and loved.  I watched them in awe, little angels learning their own personalities and decided pretty quick that brushing my teeth or checking emails could wait.  I bawled for weeks after I left.  Those moments are fleeting and should be cherished.  But, I've also experienced this with the puppy.  Rotten little bunny who's potty training and eating furniture if I let him will not be so tiny and curious for long.  (babies and puppies)

6. It has taught me the value of quality time.  Everyone including children, babies, and puppies notice when you're present and paying attention.  Being present isn't just physically being there.  It's giving your undivided attention, putting away the phone, and focusing on the words or soft touch from the little ones.  They will remember how that made them feel loved and important.  (babies, children, and puppies)

7. It has taught me never to underestimate the amount of "potty" that a little body can create.  God bless diapers and fresh smelling wipes.  Also, it makes me appreciate all potty training efforts for both humans and pups. (babies and puppies)

8. It has taught me that tone of voice changes everything.  I believe in reprimanding, however a lot can be accomplished with just changing your tone of voice.  Babies and puppies recognize this and are usually appropriately responsive. (babies, children, puppies)

9. It has taught me that time goes by too fast.  Life is always on the move and I can easily overlook how I've aged.  However, children's growth is the best reminder to stop and smell the roses before our time here is through.  They put a time stamp on my life.  (babies, children)

10. It has taught me to laugh at silly, innocent things.  Babies and puppies are the most innocent beings so their mischief is unintentional.  It's good to find humor in their mistakes and messes. (babies, children, puppies)

What are some things that motherhood has taught you?  What advice would you give to a new or expecting mom to help her enjoy motherhood?

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mama's reading this post.  You are brave.  You are strong.  You are influential.