Let's Look: My Favorite Outfit of the Day

Happy Wednesday y’all! We’re midway through the week and we’re making it to the weekend in no time.

Today I’ve decided to link up to share my favorite outfit of the day, but let me be honest…I have MANY. #OOTD is a popular hashtag for social media sharing of our favorite or daily outfits.

When I gave this post consideration to share I felt hesitant because life lately directs me to sport a lot of athleisure outfits. In case you aren’t aware of that term - athleisure means athletic, workout attire that you wear for leisure, non workout activities. For me, the outfits usually serve double purposes on any given day and you’ll find me sporting a sweaty post workout outfit until the evening. Throw in the 20+ times I’m outside with Lorenzo on any given day (sweating, mosquito spray, sunscreen) and I am a hot mess!

On the flip side of comfort, I relish the days I make myself presentable in the mornings, put on a CUTE outfit with makeup, and feel like a functioning member of society. Ahhh, those are the days.

This is why it only makes sense to me to share my favorite outfit of the day (normal people life) and my favorite outfit of the day (athleisure, dog mom life). Are you ready? I AM READY.

By the way…look at me blogging again. I am making no promises on consistency throughout May because I have two trips and two weddings, but I will be making more appearances soon…

Back to the fun:

Daytime OOTD Favorite

My list could be indefinite here so I’ll only share one very recent one. This dress is everything spring and summer is meant to be. I actually bought it last year, wore it once, tucked it into my closet, and forgot about it. OOPS. Well, thankfully it’s still available and affordable at $22.99 and comes in three colors.

Floral Maxi Dress // Tory Burch Sandals Bleach with Gold // Tory Burch Miller Sandals Bleach // Kendra Scott Earrings // Cross Over Ring

When I wore the dress the first time and to brunch recently, I not only turned heads but had several random women tell me how beautiful the dress was. The length in the back drapes on the ground a little bit but that doesn’t bother me because I like the high low flexibility for my height. I love that it catches the wind when you walk to give it a little bit of movement and also provides a BREEZE. [Hello Houston heat & humidity, you are still not welcome here.]

I think the dress would be SUPER cute for any pregnant mamas-to-be but I’d say you’ll have to try it on to decide. The inner lining is plenty long for me and my modesty preference being a couple of inches above my knee, but if you are taller and as your bump grows there could be issues. However, with Amazon free returns - it’s essentially risk free!

Athleisure OOTD Favorite

Where do I begin? My head spins with this one. While I love fun colors to workout in, I also LOVE to wear black. It shows less sweat typically. I can mix it in with other things more easily. I can wear red lipstick after a work out. These are all essentials to my dog mom life on the go.

Can you blame me? ;)


Some items I keep in the front of my closet instead of in my dresser “work out clothes” drawer(s) are as follows:

ON Cut-Out Back Top // ON Cross Back Tank (on repeat all the time) // ON Key Hole Tank

And my “splurges” from Athleta:

Striped Mesh Chi Tank // Unwind Crop Sweatshirt (on repeat all the time see below) // Vapor Muscle Tank

When it comes to work out pants I waiver between Old Navy performance leggings and love the 7/8th length for me. I’ve had Lululemon pants and crops for running and they’re great but for the price point Old Navy truly wins in my book. They have outstanding work out gear for a fraction of the price! I also pick up work out leggings from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

Just for fun, here’s a pic of my mom and I at the gym on a day I didn’t wear all black! It’s rare, but it can happen.


What’s your favorite outfit to wear out and about or to throw on and go? I love to see what other people’s styles are and discover if I might need to add to my closet. =)))

COMING SOON on the second Wednesday of the month:

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Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the day!