Friday Favorites - May 19th 2017

Welcome back Friday.  We've been waiting for you!  I hope everyone has had a great week so far!  I am headed out of town today to visit one of my besties, her husband, and three (of my five) God children.  Hooray!  I am excited both to see them and to be out of Houston again and away from my endless to-do lists and responsibilities even if for a night or two.  Perhaps I'll be able to sleep this weekend...

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share my Friday Favorites from the past week.  This will be a quick one today!  In no particular order:

Favorite #1

Last weekend I got my hair highlighted and it felt so good.  I've had it "ombre" for the last year and a half or so and while I loved it and loved the low maintenance, I did not like when the brown fades out to my natural, mousy, ashy brown.  Blah.  I used to highlight my hair for the decades preceding the "ombre" coloring so I felt like my old self again.  I will definitely go back to "ombre" at some point, likely in the winter.  My hair is getting too long for my preference so I am excited to get it trimmed next week so that I'm not in this "in between" length; however, this was the one of the few times my hair has been blow dried and styled since I chopped it off.  So that was fun.  Of course, the curl fell out within a few hours...ironic as my super long hair held a curl all day using the same flat iron.  =/

I'm linking my outfit details (or similar) below:

J. Crew Factory shorts, navy tank top, Tory Burch Miller sandals, Louis Vuitton purse (similar), and aviator sunglasses.

Favorite #2

I have been struggling this past month with mood, energy levels, and sleep (either too much or not at all) due to a minor health issue and the medication (if I'm being honest, and I am).  I am grateful for the support and patience I have had while I've had this "out of body"//"trapped in my own body" kind of experience.  Most days I've wanted to (and successfully did) hide while I kept up with a lot of the responsibilities and obligations I have, while some days I've simply canceled plans.  I know my friends and family love me and understand that I have been out of character when I cancel anything much less have this low of energy so I am thankful for that, and am still putting myself and my health first.  I am also thankful to be on the mend, past the medication, and getting my groove back.  Look out world!  Here I come...

A besides, there's nothing a little wine and truffle fries can't temporarily help right?  ;)  I'm actually smiling here because I had just received a photo from my cousin that they were drinking margaritas and thinking of me, so naturally I had to send one back. 

Favorite #3

Mother's Day weekend was busy but it was nice to see family.  I totally FORGOT to take a picture with my mom, grandmother, and great aunt when we went to dinner.  #fail  How in the world!??!?!  I also enjoyed assisting in preparing Mother's Day brunch with someone else for his family.  While I may have had a mini anxiety moment that morning (that darn medication, see above), we buckled down to tackle the dishes while sipping on coffee and Veuve because all things are better with Veuve.

Actually, the reason I used this picture when I shared my post on Wednesday about nonverbal ways to show you care about someone is because of that very thing.  I'm not saying Veuve is my love language (although its close!), but this person is very good at being thoughtful and intentional in actions and that is why this picture correlates in my mind.  Plus, cooking for anyone is an act of service as well.  

My outfit details (or similar) are listed below:

Black sleeveless top (similar) or Black crochet-trim cap sleeve top, distressed jeans (similar), and bright pink tassel earrings (similar) or these earrings or these earrings.  =)

I'll be sharing this vegetable, Whole 30 and Paleo friendly side dish recipe soon.  If you'd like it sooner then email me!

Favorite #4

I happened to catch this Beth Moore broadcast on TV the other night about deception and seduction.  I started off half listening while working on other things and then honed in on her message and was so thankful that I did.  I listened to it again to take some notes to share, but after typing them out have removed them from this post.  I'd rather you listen to it yourself. =)

2 Timothy 3:13 "...while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived."

Well, that sums up my quick post this week.  I'm holding off on sharing some other things as I have my end of the month "What's Up Wednesday" coming soon. =) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Are you doing anything fun?