Friday Favorites - June 2nd 2017

It's Friday!  Woo hoo!  I cannot be more excited to go to bed tonight.  This is one sleepy lady, I'll tell you that.  Even though I have plans all weekend, they will be relaxing plans and I look forward to reconnecting with my pillow and my church.  It's been a hectic month!

Today I am linking up with Andrea to share my favorites for the last week and you will likely not be surprised that I am sharing favorites from my trip to Boston and Cape Cod last weekend.  I have every hope to keep this post quick and let the pictures do the talking.

In no particular order:

Favorite #1

My sunrise runs are always my favorite!  I managed to wake up at 4:45am the first two mornings in Boston to get out the door and run around Charles River as the sun came up.  It was pretty brisk outside and a nice change from Houston's weather.  It was overcast the first morning but the second morning's colors really shined through.  

My route from The Lenox Hotel to the Harvard Bridge, across the river past MIT towards the Museum of Science, and back along the river through Beacon Hill to Back Bay and into the neighborhood to the hotel was right at 6 miles.  I numbered below so you have an idea of the general location of each photo.

Saturday morning:

Sunday morning:

I woke up at 4:45am on Monday and Tuesday morning while at Wequassett Resort with hopes of a sunrise but it was overcast, rainy and 40 something degrees outside.  I didn't pack properly for temperatures like that!  

Favorite #2

Site seeing around Boston was a ton of fun!

Boating around the bay was a lot of fun and a great way to see the city and surrounding islands. We stopped the boat for a little while to watch the planes landing and taking off from Boston Logan airport too.

After boating we walked around North End and found some of my favorites things: a carousel, cookies & ice cream for lunch (no Whole 30 or Paleo eating this weekend!), and an AMAZING Christmas store!  

The sweater below is Free People and is super comfortable along with my favorite 1822 Denim Butter jeans in black and Puma Vikky shoes.  It was like wearing pajamas all day, the outfit is so comfortable!

Then we walked through Boston Common & Boston Public Gardens for the Memorial Day flag display, stopped by the Cheers Bar because I just had to - everyone knows my name there, and meandered through the neighborhoods stopping to shop and snack more.

While walking along Newbury Street we noticed a placed call FoMu which had plant based ice cream!  Despite having had full on dairy frozen yogurt from the middle of the Cookie Monstah treat (above) for my "lunch" hours earlier, we opted to try the mini serving.  You can choose however many flavors you want to add to the mini so I tried three: salted caramel, cookies & cream, and peanut butter mud pie.  Holy moly was it better than Ben & Jerry's!  Clearly there's a lot of something sweet in the ice cream but it is made from coconut milk so for anyone vegan or dairy intolerant this is your place!  Heaven is for real and you can try a little scoop of it at FoMu.  By the way, the mini size was more than plenty given how rich and decadent this treat was and...they ship.

Favorite #3

The Cape!

On Sunday we drove down to the Cape Cod area to stay at Wequassett Resort & Golf Club and thankfully this day we also had sunshine with bits of passing clouds.  As soon as we got to the resort we took off again to Orleans to rent bikes and ride down to Coast Guard Beach along the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  Our round trip totaled 12 miles of scenery and some small hills through the lush trees, ponds, cold wind, and of course the sea.  

On Memorial Day it rained and was very cold (my absolute favorite combo) so we walked around Chatham and popped in and out of the small shops to pick out treats and souvenirs.  We had lunch at the Squire for lobster bisque and clam chowder, naturally, and it did help us warm up a bit.  For dinners we dined at Twenty Eight Atlantic on the property one night and ate a more traditional Cape Cod dinner at the Impudent Oyster in Chatham another evening.  

The wine/brownish colored Jou Jou jacket I found last fall at Marshall's but you can find it in different colors here and here that will work for any season.  

I fell in love with this Twill Field Jacket from Old Navy and at that price point I had to have it.  

My new Converse Chuck Taylor's in Charcoal worked perfectly for our sporty time on the bikes and walking around Chatham.  They come in various colors.

Favorite #4


Just kidding.  ;)  Well, not really...

This past two weeks I started to integrate dairy back into my diet for two reasons.  #1) To shock my body and mix things up a bit after 8 months of Whole 30/Paleo because I feel like my body is in a groove and I want to see and feel changes.  Is that sadistic?   Knowing this trip was coming up and the heavy dairy in bisque's and chowders made me think this is the perfect opportunity to eat all the things I (haven't craved and) wouldn't normally eat.  I did just that...and I did it well.  Now I plan to shift into a low carb diet plan for the next few weeks because #2) I want to be able to eat cheese in Napa while wine tasting for the 5 days I'm there later in June.  My goal is not to stay low carb forever.  My goal is just to switch things up to add dairy in and remove fruit.  I found myself eating a lot of fruit and noticeably having sugar cravings because of it.  So while I wasn't eating "sugar" on Whole 30, I was and had shifted into eating too much fruit.  Anyway, after Napa I will more than likely to go back to my Paleo/Whole 30 eating simply because I enjoy it and don't mind it.  In the mean time, I will continue to cook and post Whole 30/Paleo approved recipes to remain consistent.

Favorite #5

A few outfit details:

This black Just Me lace sheath I ordered a couple of months ago from Rue La La is no longer available, but darn ~ isn't it cute?  I typically avoid sleeves as much as possible (Houston, it's hot) so when I had to have this dress and our Boston trip got planned, I knew it would make an appearance.  Here is a similar dress from Dillards that has sleeves and here's another similar dress from Dillards that doesn't have sleeves.  I wore it with my Mossimo Pamela heels from Target.  I encourage you to save your money and buy these heels versus the more expensive ones. They'll scuff the same and last just as long, but at a portion of the cost.  I love them and have them in both nude and black.

My airport outfit on the way to Boston:

Puma Vikky shoes in black.  I do not normally wear tennis shoes of any kind except for working out but I have to admit these were a treat to my feet.

Denizen Modern Skinny jeans.  So comfortabbbblleeeee.  I mention these all the time on here.

This cotton sweater tank is my new fave and I got a major steal on the three colors I bought.  This Perfect Fit Shell comes in many colors and is similar as well.

Tory Burch crossbody - because it's simple, a classic color, and not a bad price point to spend for a nicer crossbody that's also not going to break the bank.

Large White Samsonite suitcase - I picked up mine at TJ Maxx, but this is a similar one.  You can get the 3 piece set here.

Thank you all for following along for my Friday Favorites!  How was your week?  Was there anything specific that was your favorite this week as well?  I hope you not only survived the four day work week but that it was a breeze for you, and that you have a wonderful weekend!

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