Friday Favorites - June 9th 2017

Happy Friday!  Welcome back, weekend.  We've missed you.  I am excited for the weekend ahead as I very well would imagine you all are as well...

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share my favorites from the past week(s).  In no particular order:

Favorite #1

This past week was my step mom's birthday and I missed celebrating with my family as they now live out of state.  I was very grateful to have gotten some phone time with her though and look forward to seeing my family at the end of June!  Her birthday jaunted my memory of baking this Paleo cake for her in June 2016 and I thought I'd dig up the only picture I still have to share the recipe with you.  I'm not sure why my cashew frosting doesn't look like the recipe's picture but overall it was pretty good, and wasn't very sweet.  Admittedly, the colorful sprinkles I added cannot be Paleo.  Are they truly even edible?  They're like colorful, tiny splatters of chemicals.  But, the cake needed a little birthday decoration. =)

Favorite #2

I was able to take a free class at Dance House Fitness last weekend (thanks Houston Tidbits Frontrow!) with my dear friend.  We got a decent work out in and some good laughs as I made a valiant effort to move my body to the instructions.  Lord help us all...I love to dance and especially to hip hop music, but I am not coordinated enough to move to choreographed moves.  

I was also able to take a freebie class at Bar Method with one of my besties who was in town this past week in addition to spending some serious quality time with her after church on Sunday and Monday evening.  There's nothing that girl talk cannot solve, am I right?  I didn't snap any pictures though.  =/  Neither of the two work outs are my go to types of work outs, but it is fun to mix things up a bit, especially if the class is free!

Favorite #3

I was thrilled to finally see another one of my besties after EIGHT months because she was in the throws of studying for a major licensing exam.  Our five hour conversation felt like ten minutes.  Safe to say we had a lot to catch up on...

I finally got to wear this new dress a couple of times that I mentioned before and I cannot emphasize enough how much I love it.  It feels like I'm wearing a long, soft, comfortable nightgown.  The maxi is $30 and touches the floor when I wear flat sandals.  In the pictures below I am wearing wedges. #targetdoesitagain  Shop the whole look by clicking here and copy and pasting this link into your browser:

Favorite #4

I mentioned last Friday on my blog's Facebook page that Target shared my Instagram post (again) about the Mossimo heels I cannot get enough of!  While this may seem silly to some, it really excites me.  My small, but growing blog could use any and all help in reaching others so to have someone sitting behind Target's social media app viewing my post and sharing it on their Awesome Shop site means a lot to me.

And they acknowledged it on Twitter too.  I think what I'm discovering, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that companies are pretty good about acknowledging posts on Twitter... At least Target likes my Twitter posts even if my whopping 27 followers don't! ;)

I've suggested these Mossimo Irene Ghille heels no less than 100 times since I discovered them in February and they're still available and still worth every penny.  

Favorite #5

Ann Taylor is having a great sale on their sale items - 40% off!  I started to look and this outfit combo is now stuck in my wishful mind.  I paired the Ann Taylor outfit with super cute and affordable shoes from Target and accessories from other places.  I need.  I want.  I can't (for 13 more days).

Pencil Skirt / Flounce Shoulder Shell / or Cascading Ruffle Shell / Ankle Strap Sandals / Cork Block Heel Sandal / Lulu Block Heel Sandal / Caged Heel Sandal / Celeste Earrings (blue) / Fiesta Tassel Earrings (blue) / Panecea Beaded Drop Earrings (Aqua) / Leopard Clutch / Raffia Clutch (Blue) / Leather Tote / Jzada Steve Madden Clutch (Blue) (this has been sold out for a long time and is finally available for pre-order to ship 6/21!)

You can also shop the look by clicking on the picture above, clicking here, or copy and pasting this link into your browser:

What were the highlights of your past week?  Comment below!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay tuned because I will be announcing a new raffle giveaway soon!