Friday Favorites - July 21st 2017

Happy Friday everyone!  Praise the good Lord the weekend is here.  I did not wish my days or week away, only am excited for the things I have planned this weekend.  Do you have anything fun lined up?

I'm linking up with Andrea today in sharing my favorite things from this past week.  In no particular order:


Favorite #1

My church, Hope City, began it's 6 weeks series called Mix Tape last weekend about love, sex, and marriage.  Pastor Jeremy has done this series before (usually every summer) and it is phenomenal.  It truly set off a light bulb for me the first time I listened to it in 2014 on how we (society) go about relationships ALL WRONG because of the influences of Hollywood and romantic comedies, etc.  I attended last summer and again felt overwhelmed with great information and insight to how I needed to change my pursuit of relationships.  I encourage you - listen to this and go in person if you can!  There's 6 service times on the weekends (Sat. & Sun.), it is live streamed on Facebook twice on Sundays, and is posted to podcasts and YouTube by Monday.  No excuses.  Change your life, now.  It's never too late, whether single or married.  You will learn some amazing information.  

Re: the YouTube or podcast - there's a long and funny intro for about the first 15 minutes because this is the first service for a 6 part series so he really ramps up the course intro with funny jokes, flashbacks, and songs.  The sermon gets to the meat of the topic around minute 20 as he makes fun of (one of my all time favorite) a popular rom-com movie that is the perfect segway into the charts below.  I re-listened to it (again) and he totally nails how just about all of us (including yours truly) currently live or have lived our lives and relationships.  You will relate to the information, I promise.

How the world starts relationships

How the world starts relationships

How the bible informs us to pursue relationships

How the bible informs us to pursue relationships


Favorite #2

Target for the win.  I can't help but feel honored when little ol' me gets picked to be used on Target's website. =}}}}}} Lord knows I have invested a lot of money into that store since I first ever had a job so it's kind of like a mutual love affair only I don't actually make money off of them.  Maybe one day. ;)

You can click here to see it on Target's website (scroll down past the shoe itself) or click on the picture below to view it in their Awesome Shop. =}

Speaking of Target - today and tomorrow (7/21-7/22) some C9 work out clothes are 30% off (already marked down), and Mossimo Supply Co brand is 30% using code SUMMER30.  Fun stuff. 


Favorite #3

Nordstrom's anniversary sale has been happening since the 13th for those (of us) with a Nordstrom credit card.  Hello, hello.  If you've ever followed along with me you know my struggle is real with online shopping and when the power of a sale strikes I am a sucker.  The reason I love my Nordstrom card is because of the benefits like reward dollars, free basic alterations, and early access to SALES.  

While I did pick up a few items, I didn't go overboard because I have been moving and there's no greater way to discover you have too much stuff that you don't use/wear than when you move it and get to physically carry the weight of it and then stare down the financial investment as you organize everything in a new closet.  But, let's not be a total drag, right???  Here's some of the sale items that really caught my eye!  You can skip through the below sections and shop it all and more by clicking here.

Leggings - because fall is coming and we not only dream about wearing them every day and try to...but they're practical for working out.  Most of these are Zella because I own the bottom, middle pair below and  I have never once worked out in them.  I wore them every week (sometimes more than once) out and about, to dinners, in boots, in heels, in flats.  I love them.  Love, love love.  (Some of the options below come in different colors, you'll see that when you click on the pictures.)

Sweaters, Ponchos, Jackets, and Vests - because fall.  My mind loves a solid beach vacation, but my heart stays in the fall and winter seasons.  (Some of the options below come in different colors, you'll see that when you click on the pictures.)

Booties and boots - because fall.  My favorite everything.  Why oh why do I live in Houston where it's summer heat oppresses us 90% of the year?  I do not know.  The below boot(ies) come in different colors, you'll see when you click on the pictures.


Favorite #4

Nordstrom's sale part two - accessories!

Jewelry - I have coveted these items and they make great gifts (ahem, ahem* It's never too early to think of upcoming birthdays AND Christmas shopping y'all.  Yes, I shop this early sometimes.)

Purses/Bags - all of the yeses.

***You can shop all of my favorites from the Nordstrom sale including items I didn't picture above using this link below or click here.


Favorite #5

Sunsets.  I still prefer sunrises and the feeling of a new chance at life each day.  However, both sunrises and sunsets lend a moment for close fellowship with God.  Now that I have no choice but to watch the sunset each evening I have found that I look forward to the symbolism of closing the door to the day, to the past, to the stress, to the hurts, to the memories, and to stop - literally stop - what I am doing to watch the sun go down.  In those moments I feel thankful for everything and it's the perfect time to say a prayer of thankfulness.  We made it through another day with His grace alone, and with that same grace we just might wake up the next morning for a brand new day.  It's a glorious thing.

Here's just a couple of the recent evenings.  I'll spare you the 437568741889 other pictures I took.

Oh, and I did actually work out on the balcony as the sun was setting one evening.  A little vitamin D never hurt anyone.

I think that sums it up for this week.  What were the favorite things about your week?  Have you shopped the Nordstrom sale yet?  What were your favorite finds?  Comment below!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!