Friday Favorites - August 25th 2017

Happy Friday everyone!  TGIF.  

We made it through another blessed week and are fast approaching the end of August.  Happy dancing over here as the fall countdown is REAL.  Did you have a nice week so far?  Anything fun planned for the weekend ahead?

Today I'm sharing my faves from the past week and linking up with Andrea.  In no particular order:

Favorite #1

Goat yoga.  

Yes, it's a fad.  Yes, it's in the Houston area (League City) right now.  And yes, it's worth doing once.

I am not a yoga person by any means.  I've never enjoyed it.  I've never felt the benefits from it nor sought to take yoga outside of freebie classes.  But, I understand that it is a lifestyle for some people and more power to you for that.  I have no doubts that there are benefits to yoga and perhaps one day I will need or want to incorporate it into my life.  Meanwhile, goat yoga - or yoga with any animals for that matter - does appeal to me. =)

Some of my girlfriends and I hopped onto the trend bandwagon to try a class this weekend.  It is precisely what you think it is.  Basic yoga poses, if you care to at all, while more than likely paying more attention to the goats.  They're cute.  There was maybe 25 goats both big and small.  They pee and poop, yogi beware.  And you don't really get a work out of any kind in.  But, I was impressed that the instructor never skipped a beat instructing on poses despite the heat, humidity, and distractions.  

The little guys didn't jump around like we had hoped, but there was plenty of photo opportunities that the ladies walked around to put a goat on you in different poses which was nice considering that was truthfully all we had hoped for.

And in the finale they attempted a group picture with this little guy but he hoped right off.  The second goat they tried just laid down on top of us so you can consider these picture-fails.  Nonetheless, we have succeeded in crossing this off of our bucket lists.

We headed to a much needed brunch afterwards to re-hydrate with adult libations and restore our energy levels with Tex-Mex for sustenance at the Cadillac Bar in Kemah by the water.

Favorite #2

Event planning.

If you've known me a while, you know I can get carried away planning anything.  Dinners, birthdays, celebrations of any kind, holidays.  I love it.  I totally missed my calling a long time ago to utilize this gift (?).  Not sure if it's a gift or a curse actually but I enjoy it so much and love organizing and planning them.

We started assembling the paper flowers and pinwheels Friday night with a much needed glass of Veuve to celebrate the weekend and well, anything because Veuve is always a cause to celebrate in itself.  #champagnecampaign 


Over 200 roses and countless paper flowers later, we had ourselves a super pretty and fun party on Saturday with all of my local family and the BF's family.  It was great to have everyone meet who hasn't already met, celebrate my aunt's birthday, and generally just be together with them all.  Normally we wouldn't go overboard on the decor, but since a birthday fell on the date we wanted to make it special.

The result:

We had it catered and I did not have time to bake anything between the decorating and goat yoga, so we shamelessly purchased desserts and set up a nice dessert bar with two types of cookies, strawberry cake (with fresh strawberries that I added), a chocolate fudge cake, lemon meringue pie, and ice cream.  

The drinks were flowing, the conversations were endless, the younger generation got into the pool.  I consider it a success.  

Major kudos to the BF for his hard work days before leading up to, the entire day of, and the day after as we cleaned up the event.  We make a great team with events like this!

Favorite #3

The solar eclipse.

It is what it is.  How can I not mention that?  I felt like there was more hype about it than what was worth our viewing here in Houston, but the event itself is definitely something to remember and I'm glad I went outside to see it not only using the oatmeal box my friend, Konni, made me (Boy Scout method), but also through other people's eclipse glasses.  

This contraption cracked me up.

This contraption cracked me up.

And of course we tried the cheapy eclipse glasses (notice my oatmeal reflection box?)

And of course we tried the cheapy eclipse glasses (notice my oatmeal reflection box?)

I think everyone in our northern states had a much more powerful and beautiful experience than we did here.  The shadows on the ground were really cool though. =)


Favorite #4

Hope City: Love Sex & Marriage Part 6

But, of course. =}  The final sermon of the series.  So good.  So, so good.  I simply crave the information Pastor Jeremy has provided in this series not only this time, but each time I listened to it in the past as well as re-listening to it in podcasts.  I sincerely hope you all have considered listening as you've followed along on my past five Friday Favorites as I've summarized each sermon.


-Marriage is hard work, and you need a vision for your marriage.  You must work on that vision or your marriage will fail (perish).  What is the vision for your marriage?

-Your relationship will build your foundation, but what is that relationship built upon?  Our relationships are built upon our past experiences and expectations.  You can both love Jesus but if you’ve never seen a good relationship, then how will you know what to expect?

-We have very different pasts that are affecting our present and will ultimately affect our future.

-The most important thing on your wedding day is your past.  If you have a past of continual failure and broken promises, then you can make a promise but your past will cancel it out.  You have to deal with your past.  Yes God will cover you, but your behaviors, habits, and trends need to be dealt with.

Proverbs 14-8 (4).png

-The wise think about their past habits and trends.  To get where you want to go, you need to look at where you’ve been.  So many people make promises that they don’t even know how to keep. 

-Humility says what is the problem, pride says who is the problem.  Look at yourself to discover the problems in your marriage before blaming the other person.

The power of prayer can shape even the hardest of hearts in time.

Suggestions: Pray and pray together. Marriage counseling & pre-marriage counseling, read self help books (ie: Battlefield of the Mind, Love & Respect, The Five Love Languages, etc)

What were your faves from the past week?  Anything fun, new, or interesting to share?  What did you think of the solar eclipse?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  May we relax, have fun, and get our minds off of work!  See you back here on Monday.