Friday Favorites - September 15th 2017

Welcome back, Friday!  TGIF.  Are you ready for the weekend?  I sure am.

I’m linking up with Shay to share my Friday Favorites from the past week.

Favorite #1

Prior planning.

I will be sharing a former recipe I posted last September, on Monday for Paleo meatballs.  It’s a recipe I whip up in advance to keep in the freezer as an easy meal when needed.  Well, that day came on Monday when I didn’t feel like ordering take out, peeked into my freezer to see what I still had on hand (not much), and found meatballs or chicken.  I went with meatballs.  It’s easy to keep cans of diced tomatoes or stewed tomatoes on hand especially during hurricane season so I made a pasta sauce using my immersion blender and seasonings and voila!  Dinner was served.

Favorite #2

Wifi, remote log ins, and fall scented candles.

I have been sick this week and had to spend a couple of days at home.  I personally do not like being home when I’m sick because I am working anyway, but the one good thing about being at home aside from not having to get dressed and sit uncomfortably at a desk when your body is screaming at you is being able to light a candle.  YES. 


I used to use a candle warmer at my former office so that I could enjoy my appropriately scented seasonal candles throughout the year.  This office doesn’t have desk space for much of anything, which pains me.  If you have space on your desk then you can consider something like this:

And a quick note that Bath and Body Works candles are $12.50 online right now (as of Thursday anyway) and sometimes their online sales are different than in store.  So, if you like their candles (like the rest of the US does), you can easily stock up online.

Favorite# 3

All the wine & cheese, please.


Last weekend was low key and perfect.  I feel very blessed by the BF and we make a great team to get things done.  Though the weekend was great in every way, the only documented moment to share was what I like to call “nerve medicine” while I was anxiously waiting to hear from my brother and sister-in-law in Miami during Hurricane Irma.  Low key moments are to be treasured, right?  Plus, I do love my bright yellow earrings. =)

Favorite #4


I had only heard about Bentgo and occasionally seen an advertisement here and there that I didn’t truly pay attention to.  I was recently gifted a Bentgo lunch box and gosh it’s neat!  Have you ever used one?


They have different compartments and the main section’s size can be adjusted.  The storage piece lifts easily out of the “box” itself for easy washing and it’s spill proof.  What’s not to love?

I am very fortunate to have my breakfast and lunches paid for by my company, but decided to test the box out to take some snacks to work anyway.  Some cheese, some truffled marcona almonds, some olives, and salad.  The only thing missing was wine. 😉

Favorite #5

Last Thursday’s sunset was beautiful but you can still see how high the bayou was as well as the flooded park on the right side that was completely under water. 

I can reflect on God’s glory and goodness with these magnificent sunsets while acknowledging what Houston and it’s surrounding cities have been through and are still going through.  #houstonstrong

What was your favorite things about the past week?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  

Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead.