Friday Favorites - November 10th 2017

Friday is finally here and I am so happy about it!  Do you have anything fun lined up for the weekend?  I sure do!!  Between plans with my friends and my family coming into town, I couldn't be more excited. =)))  Plus, it's Fri-yay so naturally I'm celebrating that in itself.

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share my favorites from the past week.  If you missed out on last week's or others you can look at them here.  I shared some fun fall outfits last time!

In no particular order...

Favorite #1

This jack-o-lantern cookie jar.  I refrained from buying this before because I do not have children yet and generally prefer to decorate for FALL and not Halloween specifically.  I gave away all of my Halloween decor years ago.  However, I noticed it on Macy's clearance online when I was buying some fun Thanksgiving items that I'll show you below as well.  I still refrained from buying because - well, then I'd have to store it for a year.  But, then I saw it in person when I stopped by Macy's to return some things and BAM.  For $16 that day in the store I couldn't pass it up.  You can find it online still for $19 (give or take if they have a sale you may get it cheaper!)

It's cute, well made, and will make a cute counter top decoration whether you use it for cookies, candy, or to hide your K-Cups!  I hope it's still available on Friday morning when this posts.

Favorite #2

These Thanksgiving entertaining/serving items. 

They were even cheaper when I ordered them online so keep an eye on that as well as check for in-store sales.  Macy's is good about sales.  All.the.time.  So whether you snag it for this Thanksgiving holiday or afterwards for next year.  I recommend them.

Martha Stewart Harvest Turkey Platter

Martha Stewart Pumpkin Pie Keeper (I actually ordered this for $14!!  But, I returned it because I found this one half that price on sale at World Market.  In the store I was able to get just the orange one for less than $8 the day they had a flash sale.)

World Market Matte White Ceramic Pumpkin Baker (I may have ordered two!  I saw them in the store after the fact and they're gorgeous!!)  It comes in orange too.

World Market Matte Orange Ceramic (mini) Bakers (soup bowls)

These little guys were a serious feat to attain.  I ordered 3 sets in white online.  Then it said it couldn't ship and it was in-store pick up only.  The only store that it listed that had them in Houston called to tell me they only had 4, not 12 (sold individually in store, not as a set as shows online).  I said I'll take them but then decided to call around and it turned out that the store closest to me had 15 in stock so I was able to hold the 12 I wanted and go get them!  Mine are white and are no longer available online though you may find them in the stores.  They are small enough for soup or I guess could just be decor or hold a candle??  Thanksgiving items were an extra 50% that day at World Market so I got them suuupppeeerrr cheap.  Good luck if you like them.  They're well made and worth the effort if you can get them on sale.  

I wanted the items below items SO bad, but didn't get them:

Martha Stewart Harvest Turkey Salt-n-Pepper Shakers

Martha Stewart 2pc Lidded Pumpkin Soup Tureen (I didn't get this guy because I bought the two large pumpkin "bakers" from World Market above.)

Favorite #3

Three feet of chocolate.  

The BF and I were out and about on Sunday when we found this guy.  Now, for the record I didn't buy this and why there were several at Marshall's sort of boggles my mind.  But, for an avid chocolate lover or perhaps to break apart to share during a large family gathering I could see this novelty being a fun hostess gift or surprise.  Hello, Santa!  I wasn't able to find one online and it is made by the House of Dorchester Fine Chocolate in London so...why it's in Houston I still don't know.  But, if you're interested in a solid chocolate Santa check out your local Marshall's.  ;)

Favorite #4

The Hallmark Channel's "Count Down to Christmas".

It's official.  I watch TV.  Sort of...

I am loving the movies on the Hallmark Channel!  Not so much because they're the best movies ever.  In fact, they're sort of cheesy, sometimes bad acting, and overly predictable plots.  But, I love having holiday scenes, snow, Christmas decorations, and music on ALL.THE.TIME.  Excuse me while I cancel my plans for the rest of the year so I can just be home for these. ;)

The BF was super sweet to pick me up for a date-night with some gorgeous red roses this past weekend (because flowers are beautiful all the time, any occasion or no occasion at all!).  Sunday evening I enjoyed them, some wine, and the Hallmark movies while I worked diligently at planning the early Thanksgiving dinner I will preparing next week when my siblings are in town.  

You can read my post from Wednesday about how I plan for the holidays here.

Favorite #5


The BF and I went for a stroll around Buffalo Bayou Park over the weekend and we came across this "emerge" sign.  

There are signs like these around the 5 mile loop that say things like "explore", "discover", etc.  But, the "emerge" one I have never noticed because I normally run behind the dog park on that foot path that is still submerged in feet of silt/sand.  And here in front of the dog park that is still under water stands a semi-submerged "emerge" sign.  Now, something tells me that the sign was intentionally built to be a little bit submerged based on the green shrubbery that survived the flooding.  But, there is irony that it stands proudly in front of the submerged dog park that has yet to be recovered.

I shared a photo of a park bench from behind this same dog park that is submerged in silt last week!  You can see it here.  It has been dug out a little bit more but still not fully exposed to be functional.  Hurricane Harvey, your lingering presence is felt by our city and you're no longer welcome here.  Please go away.  #byebye #thanksforstoppingby #thanksbutnothanks

Favorite #6

Carrie Ann's Boutique in Uptown Park.

I adore this boutique and the owner, Carrie Ann.  You can find the cutest, stylish trends there as well as some fabulous doggy clothes and treats.  I have scored a number of great outfits and accessories from her boutique.  She's hosting a Sip and Shop on November 16th after work hours 6:30-8:30pm with 20% everything in the store!  How great is that!  Even better is that you can sip on my favorite tequila while shopping!  Titanium Tequila is sponsoring the libations that evening.  Titanium Tequila, yes please.  Shopping, yes please.  Savings, yes please.

#tacosnotincluded ;)

What were some favorites from your past week?  Anything fun planned for the weekend?