Friday Favorites - January 5th 2018

Happy New Year (again)!  And a very happy Friday.  TGIF.

What a week back to work, am I right?  One would expect things to ease back into a normal routine after the holidays but it never seems to work that way.  Yet, every time I am surprised by it.  I spent the evenings slowly taking down Christmas decorations each night, unpacking from the trip, packing little bits of the apartment into boxes, cleaning, laundry, and doing some wedding searches online...then poof!  It's the weekend again.  How was your week?

I'm linking up with Andrea to share my favorites from the past week(s).

Favorite #1

Whole 30 is back.  I'm passed the three day bench mark so the cravings have lessened.  If you followed along with me earlier last year or since I started the blog in September 2016, then you know I ate Whole 30 for eight months.  It gets easier, I promise.  I was used to it and loved it.  Mind you, I never stopped drinking during that time.  Life was a bit stressful to say the least so I most definitely found it useful to unwind. ;)  This time I am hoping to complete the full 30 days without drinking!  EEK.  Not sure if I will make it but the eating part I have got down. 

Whole 30 meme.JPG

I'm excited to try new recipes in the coming weeks again as my cooking has been sparse for the last couple of months and have a few printed out that I plan to try and convert from regular (cheese/gluten) to Whole 30 approved.  Stay tuned!  You can view my previous Whole 30 recipes here if you're following the Whole 30 nutrition plan.

Whole 30 is not a diet and the point of it is not to lose weight.  It is a clean eating plan to cleanse your body and break eating addictions (hello sugar, I'm talking to you) so that when you add things back to your regular diet, you will know how it affects your body.  Like, does gluten/grains make you groggy?  Does dairy give you inflammation?  To be clear, anything in excess is bad for your body so be careful what fruits and vegetables, meats and oils you eat in excess.  

whole 30 someecard.JPG

Favorite #2

This book.  Ohhhh, this book Kisses from Katie.  It speaks to me not only about how Christ loves us and how we're meant to love, serve, and give to others, but it astounds me what this real life (young) lady did in following God's calling on her life.  This is a real story.  I have loved every chapter.  So well written, easy to ready, and full of heart and soul.  {Thank you, Konni for this gift!}

Favorite #3


I have been over twenty times for sure, and I love it each time.  This was my first time to Puerto Vallarta and it didn't disappoint.  Every city I have visited in Mexico (Cancun, Playa las Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Cabo, and Mexico City) has had excellent food, excellent customer service, and exceptionally beautiful beaches or cities.

The beauty:

The food (and this was just two meals!):

There are a lot of islands in the Caribbean easily accessible from Houston, but Mexico is a quick, inexpensive flight and does not disappoint.  Of course, traveling anywhere with the FH is a lot of fun anyway.  He makes the days better. =}

Favorite #4


Praise be to the good Lord that some of the dresses I ordered last minute actually fit, I LOVE them AND they're totally versatile to wear on a beach vacation with sandals or in cold weather with boots...which I did a little of both when leaving 40 degree temperatures and landing in Mexico with 80 degree temperatures, and then again on the return coming back to 30 degree temperatures.  I packed sandals in my bag for the trip down there, and knee high boots in my carry on for the trip back. #likeatravelingpro

BP Gathered Waist Midi

It's love.  It's seriously soft, stretchy, and modest.  I wore it with heeled knee high boots and sandals.  It comes in black, gray heather (pictured), wine, and olive.  Perfect for work or play.

Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress

The reviews did not lie.  The dress is so flattering and comfy.  It hit my curves in all the right spots without drawing attention to any particular spot on my body.  The length is just short enough and angled in the front to be playful/flirty but appropriate and the longer back meant I didn't have to worry about bending over.  I wore it with heeled, knee high boots and with sandals as well.  It comes in six colors, too!  

I wanted to share the dress I wore for New Year's but it's sold out in every color so perhaps another time if I notice it's available again. =)

Favorite #5

Work out clothes...because New Year's resolutions and every girl loves leggings. #athleisureforlife

Mind you, I have too many work out clothes between what I have acquired through the years and what my sister is constantly giving me every time I see her (thank you very much, Jessica!) but that doesn't stop the longing for fun, new work out clothes.  If you work out, then you understand that you need to feel good in the clothes to keep the motivation strong and keep progressing!  So, these are a few of the items on my list:

Athleta Open Bank Flexlight Top

How cute is this?  Especially with a fun sports bra.  You can work out in it and wear it out and about afterwards. #goals

My favorite leggings for athleisure: Zella Live In Leggings

My favorite leggings for working out: Old Navy Compression Leggings

My favorite leggings for running:  Old Navy High Rise Side Pocket Compression Leggings.  Normally I buy Lululemon for the side-pocket to put my phone in.  BUT, Old Navy now has comparable leggings with the side pockets at a fraction of the cost.  The side pocket is great so you don't have to hold on to your phone or strap it to your body.  Let it sync with your wireless, bluetooth headphones and just run.

Favorite #6


It is amazing to me how God teaches us lessons.  We have to wait for His timing of things and sometimes endure hardships, but looking back He makes it evidently clear His purpose, His will, and His plans are better than anything we could imagine.

Twice in the past week He has confirmed to me that I am on the path He has planned for me - and both were about the same topic.  Those moments are astounding and so reassuring.  If we look too long at the past, we miss the current moments and the future.  God is so good.

What was your favorite things about the past week/weeks?  How was your New Year's?  

Looking forward to sharing my 2018 journey with you all!  My posts may be intermittent and wonky as life keeps adjusting to new things but bear with me...good things are ahead.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!