Friday Favorites - January 26th 2018

T.G.I.F.  Are you excited for the weekend like I am?

Life is moving fast!  We're closing out January and I've barely had time to blog about anything.  The coming months will likely continue to be this way but I wouldn't change a thing at the moment!  

I'm linking up with Andrea to share some favorites from the past week(s).

Favorite #1

This photo.

Stop it right there.  Just stop it.  I can't handle it when I get photos like this of my nieces.  I just can't.  I CAN'T!  Why do they have to live so far from Tia Becca?????  The cuteness of the chaos hurts my heart in a way I can't explain.  My brave brother and sister in law take them to the zoo and to Disney World all the time, loaded up in their giant, four seat stroller.  It's typically the only way to get all four in a picture at one time and generally facing the same direction.  My heart is right there strapped up in that stroller.  My nieces are officially 4.5, 3.5, and 2.5 (identical twins) years old.  MUNCHKINS! 

I can just hear their voices saying "chhheeeessseeee!"  #icry


Favorite #2

My collection.  

This past weekend we moved quite a bit (almost all) of my stuff to the future residence.  As I worked on unpacking and organizing I set aside these things for the bar area and/or bar cart.  It made me laugh that people have gifted me these types of gifts.  Grant it I purchased the Vin Glacé on my own, but the rest were gifts.  I guess they know a key to my heart.  But, nonetheless they are cute gift ideas so after I texted my friends this picture I thought I might just share it.

Wino Sippers (they do stand easily on their own)

Liquid Therapy Wine Goblet (hold 30oz!)

Corkickle Wine Chiller Cork (chills red wine, or keeps white wine cold)

Brookstone Automatic Wine Preserver (is there ever any left though?)

The Wand Wine Filter (to remove sulfites and histamines)

Wine Markers (to mark your wine glasses, washable)

Vin Glacé (basically a yeti for your wine bottles)

Favorite #3

Modern medicine and Tami Flu.

I was knocked down by the dreaded flu a couple weeks ago and spent 3+ days in bed.  I had been using zinc and taking vitamin C, but to no avail.  However, I bounced back by the grace of God and ventured out slowly over the weekend for one thing a day, careful not to get close to or breathe on anyone even though I was better.

I'm sure you can tell I'm still not 100% on energy in the pic below but my hair and makeup were on point.  And I'd like to give a referral for the girl who did my lashes at Amplify Skin & Beauty Spa in Houston.  I'm over four weeks in and they're still looking excellent!  

White shaggy jacket (similar)

PJ Salvage Shag Jacket (similar, excellent reviews)

CND Dark Dahlia Shellac Power Polish (LOVE this)

Quilted vest (similar)


Favorite #4

I ordered this super cute and soft shirt from Shop TatyK and it's a definitely a fave.  They have a lot of cute stuff on the site too.  I like this Silas top because of the higher neckline, breezy fabric (hello, Houston's ever-changing weather), cute side slits, and length.  I also snagged this printed Rowe dress from them and am aching to wear it...I don't normally go for prints but this one caught my eye and it's stretchy and comfortable.  I think it will look great with OTK boots or heels!

Rockstar deconstructed pull on jeans/jeggings.  These are my current favorite jeans.

You all know I love my BearPaw Penelope wedge boots. =)


Favorite #5

Sick days and comfort.  

If you can't tell by my makeup-less skin, I was in the throes of being sick with the flu and headed out the door to the doctor to confirm just that.  I snapped a pic just for the FH to see that I was wearing the jacket he so thoughtfully bought for me while he was away on a trip.  But, after scrolling through my recent pics I decided to share it anyway because almost everything I threw on were gifts and I wore it all day even after I got back home and into bed.  I'm a fan of athleisure and I also work out so my athletic clothes are never wasted away in a drawer somewhere.

Outdoor Voices yoga pants in oatmeal (thank you, Rach!). 

Lululemon swiftly tech long sleeve top in dark green (thank you, Elizabeth!). 

(Similar) white hooded puffer/quilted jacket (thank you, FH!)

(Similar) beanie with fur puff (thank you, Granny!).

(Similar) BearPaw boots (cheaper than UGGs!).


I'll save the rest for another time.  What were the highlights or favorites from your past week?  Have you been sick as well?  I sure hope's a frighteningly intense cold & flu season this year. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!