Friday Favorites - May 4th 2018

It's Friday!  You know what that means, right?  RIGHT.  The weekend is here and this is a fun one. 

Some people get really into the 4th (today) because of Star Wars.  I am not that person.  However, I am excited that we have a neighborhood margarita night to meet the neighbors.  Despite being an introvert through and through, I am excited to meet and greet.

Saturday is the big day of Cinco de Mayo, because WHO doesn't love all things Mexican food like guacamole, tacos, and tequila. ;)  But, also it's the Kentucky Derby!  As my dearest, Karen, refers to it, Cinco de Derby because it tends to fall on the same weekend.  Bust out your sombreros and derby hats folks.  If for nothing else at least you protect your faces from the sun. =)

Now, on to a few of my favorite things this week...

Favorite #1

Self tanner.

I've mentioned umpteen times before that I love using Kiehls sunless tanner and have for about eight years.  Every time I try a spray tan or another tanner, I always regret the purchase and go back to my tried and true love.  Thank you, Meagan for introducing me to the product those many moons ago.  Much to my detriment, I just read on the Kiehls site that they have discontinued the sunless tanner.  Thankfully I just bought a couple and will now have to make a point to go to the local store again to buy more before I can no longer find it.

As much as I love Kiehls and use it on my full body, I do not use it on my face.  I have found that it and everything else makes my face break out in small, oily zits if I use the tanner on my face.  (TMI, I know.  Sorry.)  So, I have always purchased a darker foundation than my natural skin tone that matches my "tanned" skin tone.  It's worked out OK.

Well, recently I read about Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Glow Pad™ for Face and bit the bullet to try it.  I actually really like it!  It doesn't break out my face too bad and is great on the go because of the single application packets it comes in.  I brought five packets on our honeymoon to at least keep my chest, neck, and face matching but also went ahead and used a towel or two on my legs and arms.  While it doesn't get as dark as my full application of Kiehl's sunless tanner, it does add plenty of color to my neck and face without making me look strange and adds some color when applying to the larger areas.  It's not intended for large areas - let me be clear.  It was just convenient to bring with me and use them as needed.  I think using one towelette every five days or so will keep your face a  great shade of bronze for the summer.

Favorite #2

Multi purpose anything.

I bought some silly microfiber mop slippers for the hub's Christmas stocking last year as a joke, though truly you could get a little debris off the floor while walking around.  Well, I somehow saw this little gem in an email this week and have officially pinned it for the if and when we choose to have children.  How funny is this baby mop onesie??

Favorite #3

Matte lipstick.

I just love it.  Perhaps after so many years of high shine & gloss lipsticks I just want something less shiny than my face?  Well, I recently received some samples from Nordstrom when I ordered the face tanning towelettes I mentioned above and almost cried when the shades I liked ran out.  This Laura Mercier matte lipstick is on my list to purchase once my regular rotation runs out.

Favorite #4

This little guy. Lorenzo Gianni.  He's currently a little less than three pounds though you may never suspect it because he is a total FLUFF ball!  We have been purchasing all of the necessary puppy items this week (and gosh are they expensive!)...and his father will be attempting to trim his extra long, fluffy coat soon.  That should be interesting.

How did we choose his name?  Well, when I was handed him right after our wedding ceremony (in the church!) during formal photos someone asked about names.  I was in shock at the cute little bundle/wedding gift and said maybe we'd pick an Italian name while on our honeymoon.  Lorenzo immediately popped into my name.  Why?  I have no idea.  But, afterwards during the reception as people asked me about the puppy and naming him, I again said we'd consider Italian names while on our honeymoon in Italy.  TWO different people said, like Lorenzo?  Mic.drop.  So, it was a front runner in our naming list.  

I reviewed about 400 Italian names over the two weeks in Italy and wrote down the five I liked and their meanings.  We went with Gianni because I like the flow of the two names, but also because I like the meaning.  God is gracious.

Favorite #5

I planned to save all of my outfits for one post about all honeymoon attire, so you'll likely see this again.  Meanwhile, I had such great commentary about this dress I thought I'd go ahead and share it now.  I ordered it from but you can get it on other sites like Dillards that I've linked it below.

It is exceptionally comfortable, stays in place without shifting, is long enough to not feel questionably appropriate, AND you can't see wrinkles!  #winning 

Billabong Night Fox Dress

Well that sums up my quick Friday Favorites post.  And by quick, I mean quick for you to read.  It's taken me three days to sit down to write this because #puppydutyisreal and having just gotten back and settling in from weeks of travel, wedding, and chaos I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  Which, I'd like to add is a terrible saying.  

PS: Target is having great sales from May 6th-12th: Dresses: BOGO 50% off and Jewelry & Women's Accessories: 20% off  Perfect for Mother's Day!

Cheers to Friday and I hope you all have a wonderful, fun, and SAFE weekend!