Friday Favorites - March 17th 2017

TGIF!  What a whirlwind of a week!  I am dreaming of sleeping in tomorrow, but truthfully I'll likely be up early to run.  I suspect I've averaged 4 to 5 hours of (terrible) sleep each night this week with so much going on so who knows...if I am sleeping well then I might just hit the snooze button. 

Today I'm linking up with Erika to share my favorite things about this past week which actually includes outfit details as well!  

Favorite #1

First of all...I love Target.  I suspect everyone loves Target.  How could one NOT love that store?  The only thing I don't love is how much I spend on random things each and every time I go there for basic necessities.  The struggle is real.  Can I get an amen?  

Anyway, last week Target "liked" one of my photos on Instagram and commented on it that they wanted to use it.  Well, on Friday they posted my photo to their Awesome Shop site and then "followed" me on Instagram.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!  How cool is that?  I seriously almost fell out of my chair at work.  I'm a baby blogger, and may or may not continue this journey in blogging but I will take my brief shining moment and treasure it nonetheless.  You see it on their site by clicking here or copying and pasting this into your web browser:

Rue La La liked and commented on one of my pics a week or two ago and I thought that was cool then, but they didn't share it or follow me.  =(  Where's the love, Rue La La?

Favorite #2

Last Thursday and this past Wednesday I went to the Houston Rodeo with my friend Emily and we had a ton of fun.  Even if I don't know the band playing I always enjoy country music, but as it turns out I did recognize five songs that Thomas Rhett sang.  I didn't even pay attention when we went to Chris Stapleton because we were deep in conversation (and drinks) so I don't know if I would have known his music or not.  

You can shop my outfits by clicking here or by copy and pasting the link into your browser:

The precise shirt can be found at Target here.  And if you're interested in real turquoise and other beautiful jewelry you should stop by AGC Boutique and On the Rocks Boutique!  My dear friend, Maria, makes stunning pieces as well as has the upscale resale boutique with beautiful jewelry perfect for the rodeo or any other event!

Because I am sure to be asked, the necklace I am wearing with the black dress is from Cayetano Legacy Collection.  They make beautiful statement jewelry as well!!  

Favorite #3

Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to go to a fun dinner with some friends from grad school, one of which I hadn't seen since then.  That's been 9 years!  Gosh, time flies.  I cannot believe we didn't snap a photo that night, especially as we dined for four hours!  How is that possible?.  Lot's to catch up on, I guess.  I did, however, snap a photo on my way out the door because - hello beautiful shoes!  I keep raving about them, and I promise to simmer down soon.  If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this outfit, but here it is again:

You can shop this look by clicking here, or copy and pasting the following link in your web browser.

Take note that I included these Mossimo Irene Ghille heels from Target (you can't find them in the store itself, or at least I haven't seen them there), but I also included some look-a-like ones that are almost $800!!!  Bogus.  I would walk right out my front door and stomp that $800 heel into a crack and scratch the material instantaneously, throw up in disgust, and turn right around to go back inside to cry and pour myself a bottle of wine to cope.  Yup.  I encourage you to buy the $35 version. =)

Favorite #4

Saturday night I went to dinner and had an amazing evening.  Great food and great company.  I finally had the opportunity to sport this super chic Tart dress I picked up from Carrie Ann Boutique here in Houston.  I've always loved Tart dresses because they're stretchy and soooo comfortable!  I paired it with these Mossimo Pamela heels from Target and an Elaine Turner clutch.  I have these heels in both black and blush and they're very comfortable and a fraction of the price that most heels in this design cost.  The bracelet and earrings you see in the picture were Cayetano Legacy Collection.

I can't find the exact dress online, but I've put together similar dresses and other Tart dresses with heels, clutches, and jewelry.  If you want to shop this look click here or copy and paste this link into your web browser:

Favorite #5

On Sunday after church, I went home to bake these Whole 30 apple cinnamon muffins, change clothes, and then jetted out the door to Kingwood to meet my friend, Emily, for brunch and much needed catch up time with this dear friend of mine.  Anyway, I sported a new off the shoulder top I just snagged at Target (oops) on Saturday when I stopped in for a RETURN. #byebyeincome #targetdoesitagain

The exact boots I raved about for months are no longer available at Target (fingers crossed they'll be back next season, or soon!), but everything else is!  I paired that adorable and comfortable top with my favorite-go-to jeans and over the knee boots all from Target.  Of course, my Gucci bag is not available there... =/  

You can shop this look by clicking here or copy and pasting the following link into your web browser:

Favorite #6

I can't wrap up this week's favorites without mentioning that I also am so grateful to have spent evenings with my friend Cyndi, her hubby Zack, and my godchildren who are in town for spring break, as well as cooked dinner for my friend Rachel one evening.  I didn't snap photos of anyone on those nights or my casual outfits but I did take photos of the dinner I made because I will be sharing it on the blog soon!  I didn't snap a photo of the dessert I made her though.  I'm still not perfect at remembering to photograph everything, but I am getting better in small strides.  I can't say the same about the photos I have to take of myself, but you can't win them all right?!?!

Whole 30 chicken piccata with butternut squash noodles and roasted truffle cauliflower with Whole 30 dinner rolls. 

Well that about sums up my week.  Can you tell I've been busy?  Yikes.  This girl is tired!  Has anyone else suffered from the time change last weekend?  It has been a tough one for me, although I did manage to get some great work outs in since I can't sleep.  

For real.

I'd love to hear about your favorite things from this past week, so feel free to comment below.  I am feeling extra thankful for all of the blessings, trips, visits with family and so many of my friends over this past month as well as evidence of answered prayers.  

Wishing everyone a happy Friday and a fun-filled yet relaxing weekend!