Friday Favorites - August 16th 2019


I’m super excited for the weekend to be here. I know some kiddos have started back to school this week and thus everyone’s schedules are shifting back into high gear. How have you survived thus far? Are you already counting down to the next long weekend??? Labor Day will be here in a jiffy.

I’m excited to share a few of my favorite things I just discovered last night. Consider it a PSA (public service announcement). I went to Walmart to return some wall shelves and meandered through the store for the cat’s favorite meal topper and thought I’d pick up some cleaning supplies. As I made my way back to the front of the store I passed the women’s section and y’all…I couldn’t walk passed it without stopping to evaluate. I’m linking up to share these inexpensive, surprisingly cute finds.

I’d like to formally dub this the Friday Favorites “Walmart Edition”.

Favorite #1

This waffle knit tunic. I just love this jewel toned color called “gem slate”. I snagged it for a whopping $13.44. It is SO cozy and long enough to cover your bum in leggings. Hello athleisure and fall staple! It comes in four colors. I will likely have to go back to get it in gray too. And you know what? I told myself even if it unravels and falls apart (even though I hang dry most of my inexpensive clothes) I can always sleep in it. But for now, everything in my body is yearning for the first opportunity to wear this.

And MAJOR reason for consideration if it strikes you…I have eye balled the Free People version of this for a long time and can’t bring myself to spend $68 on a shirt that is enormous (because that’s how the brand makes everything). Now, this one from Walmart is loose but way more flattering of a cut and looks identical!


Favorite #2

Fall called and it said it’s coming and bringing its close cousin, winter.

This plush vest is rather impractical for Houston, but anyone in a northern state or traveling during the winter will appreciate this find. It is unbelievably soft. Truly. It’s the kind of soft that you want to curl up in and forget that responsibilities exist. And…it’s only $10. It comes in four colors. I love the white!

Here’s a similar Patagonia vest for $99. Now, I definitely recognize that there will be a difference in quality. However, for those of us who don’t need winter attire as frequently or may not want to spend so much on a vest…this is a great option!


Favorite #3

These athletic pants are just so cute! I don’t know that they’d endure many work outs, but my athleisure life is considering giving them a try. The dark teal color covers the bum so the white is only along the sides and bottom of the legs. No exposure here, thank you very much. They’re a whopping $19.88 at my local Walmart and I can’t find them online which is a bummer! But, if you’re in the market for this cute shade then you might consider checking these out. If I hadn’t just ordered a bunch of work out leggings online elsewhere, then I would have picked these up.

This shade of teal must be super “in” right now because I saw a girl at the gym wearing leggings in this shade and I asked her where she got hers. Then I saw the same shade at Old Navy so I ordered some. Now, I see on that this brand carries capris in this shade. Walmart calls it gem slate just like the tunic above.

Favorite #4

It is with a heavy heart that I confess I need absolutely no new fall or Christmas decor. Does that mean I won’t purchase anything new at all? Absolutely not. My husband loves me, after all! But, I know that I truly do not need a thing. We’re running out of space to decorate. The only stuff I don’t have is Halloween stuff and I have seen sooooo many cute things I’ve considered getting. But, I suspect that until I ever, may or may not, have children that I won’t bother with Halloween. It’s just not my jam. I love decorating for fall in September and enjoying the fruits of my labor and my beautiful decor through November.

That being said, I have had the freedom to decorate my mother in law’s place. =))))) We got her a tree and all the decor last Christmas as well as for her front porch. This year it has been on my mind that she may need a fall wreath. I haven’t been anxious to spend $35 plus on a wreath but lo and behold I stumbled upon this $19.97 wreath as I walked to the section to get the cat’s meal topper.

This isn’t a great photo of it as I was simply sending for the hub’s approval at the time. I don’t see the version I have online with the darker red leaves and hint of glitter, but this one is the same in every other way. Not bad for only $20!

That sums up my accidental Walmart favorite finds. Have you discovered anything there recently worth trying? I had planned to share my favorite store bought Paleo snacks and treats, but I was too excited to share this after I left Walmart. Stay tuned for the Paleo stuff.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!