Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day to everyone in our wonderful country - USA.

I am taking a break from posting the usual "Monday's Menu" today because of the holiday.  I am traveling this weekend and I know many of you will be too, and/or have the day off from work and will be relaxing and enjoying the holiday with your family and friends.  On one hand this may have been an ideal day to post a new recipe as you have the day off to tamper with trying something new, but I also know that it may mean you don't really want to catch up on emails or grocery shopping either.

I'll add some links below where you can find other things on my blog if you happen to have the time today.  Otherwise I hope everyone enjoys the day and remembers that the reason we have this federal holiday is to remember and honor everyone who passed away while serving and protecting our country.  

God Bless America.


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