What's Up Wednesday: August 2017

Oh happy day, it's Wednesday.  Let's cut straight to the chase.  It's been a nutty week and weekend(s) with Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas.  I postponed sharing this post a week later than planned out of respect to the severity and devastation in my home city and state.

I am very appreciative of everyone who reached out to ask if my family and I were OK.  Living along the Gulf coast has awarded us many hurricanes and tropical storms or depressions in my (somewhat brief) stint here on Earth, but it truly doesn't get any easier.  Between the real life scares and life threatening flooding/storms and the over-dramatization of the news for ratings - we truly don't always know how serious a storm can be.  We've also had scares so bad that over 3 million people tried to evacuate the city, clogged the freeways, ran out of gas, and either got stranded on the highways or had to turn around to drive back home and SIT through a catastrophic storm that ended up diverting LAST MINUTE to the sheer east of us, sparing us but destroying the east side of our state and neighboring state.  UGH.  Do you leave, or stay?  Do you board up and pray, or gamble that nothing will hit?  Hurricanes are no joke.  On one hand we know in advance that they're coming, and on another hand they change last minute on strength (like Harvey) or in direction (like Rita and Katrina).  Without going on and on more about all of this, I will just say that it's never worth any chances.  After escaping Houston for Hurricane Rita, sitting in my house through Hurricane Ike and it's aftermath, and now Hurricane Harvey...no thanks...

Joke as you might, over dramatization of the news always happens, but our city floods in a heartbeat from even one night of heavy rain. Factor in a hurricane of that size and constant days of rain...not good.  No es bueno.  Het is niet good.  Es ist nicht gut.  

Moving on...

I am linking up for my monthly What's Up Wednesday post with Shaeffer and Shay to share my past month. =)


What I’m eating this week:

This week I am eating a little bit of everything.  I have had to switch to a Keto diet this past month to help address some health issues I’m sorting out so there has been a very strategic switch in my meal choices.  I am very familiar with eating low carb and generally didn’t eat many carbs until I did the Whole 30 focus or 8+ months during which I added in a lot of fruits and potatoes (regular and sweet).  Fast forward to now and I’m struggling to remember that I can eat cheese and that I need to eat a lot of fats but less protein.  I feel like I need to just eat cheese with a spoonful of oil with it.  Or I need to eat seven spoonfuls of oil with a slab of cheese.  AHHHH! 

Generally it was an easy switch over and hopefully temporary since after a month I can’t seem to get into ketosis.  One full month of keto and nothing.  My body is too used to my decisive nutrition tricks I guess.  I feel like moving on to refried beans, pasta, and ice cream for a month so that it can be fully depleted of all nutrition and any sense of health so that maybe THEN I can feel some form of benefit from eating healthy.  #confessionsofahealthyeater #givemeallthebeans #fyouthyroid

dieting and the skinny b.jpg

What I’m reminiscing about:

Augusts passed. 

Life is amazing isn’t it?  It goes by so fast and I never would have believed older generations who warned me of such had it not started happening to me.

Last August my life was good.  A bit up in the air perhaps on which direction it was going, but one thing was certain.  My walk with God was being pulled even closer to Him.  Every month, every day, every minute that has passed over the last seven years or so has been a dance of courtship.  One thing after another has brought me to my knees in discovering His power, His will, His love, His forgiveness, and His mercy more and more.  I decided to get baptized again last August as a commitment to God and to myself that my walk with Him would never go backwards.  I promised to continue learning, studying, loving, worshiping, and seeking Him.  The ways He has filled my heart cannot be expressed in words but I assure you that if you’re around me long enough on any given day that you will likely see me in tears of gratitude.  He loves us, so much more than we deserve and understand.  And I am proud to say that I feel it in every inch of me.


His timing was perfect in these past seven years of drawing me in closer and forgiving my continual errors.  His timing was perfect for when I’ve needed Him most.  

If you have never sought Christ’s love, never been baptized, or even if you were baptized as a child like I was and want to recommit – it’s never too late. He’s always waiting to forgive you and love you.  I am eternally grateful that He re-captivated my heart.  I only wish my return to Him hadn’t taken so many years.  I always believed.  But, now my heart is home.

What I’m loving:

BaubleBar.  Have you checked the site out?  I kept seeing their earrings on sites and in ads and one day landed on the page looking around and they actually do have good sales that make for great gifts.  I’ve officially purchased every birthday gift for the remainder of the year with some pretty baubles that I know each person will individually love and look good in.  (Note – I am not suggesting and do not believe in mass gifts where everyone gets the same thing.  Don’t do that.  Unless its wine, chocolate, or cashmere.  Then everyone is happy with the same thing…)

Here's a few of the styles I'm sure you're familiar with and they've been on sale.  Clicking on their picture will take you to the site.

What I’ve been up to:

August is a mini-blur.  We went to every Hope City Mixed Tape Sermon on Love, Sex, & Marriage that we were in town for and if we couldn’t make it we watched the live streaming.  I’ve had dinners with our families and friends (I think?), went to Austin with my cousins, visited my family in Knoxville, worked hard on blog stuff, kept up with my bible reading, worked out as I could with my low energy levels, and generally just lived life. 


What I’m dreading:

Nothing!  I do not like that word.

What I’m working on:

Me, always.  My health is in the mix now too (nothing major, not trying to scare anyone, just getting some things balanced back out that stress wrecked out).  My blog – to do, or not to do.  My relationship.  My future.  My schedule.

What I’m excited about:

Fall!  I can’t wait to kick off the season in September with pumpkin errrrr’thing.  It’s coming into my favorite time of the year – the last four months are the best.  Fall leaves.  Fall colors.  Fall weather.  Pumpkin scents.  Pumpkin flavors.  Pumpkin décor.  Pumpkin patches.

FALL for the next 3 months.jpg

What I’m watching & reading:


I’ve allowed myself to continue watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette show, which is currently The Bachelor in Paradise.  I thought I wouldn’t after seeing the previews but it’s not as raunchy as I was afraid it would be and it’s my only current TV show.  Having one show is helping me make myself slow down and sit idly in silence to watch it (says the girl who works during commercial breaks to be productive, but it’s still progress).  Besides, I need to see what happens with Dean after Rachel and he broke up on the Bachelorette and I crrrrrriiiieeeeddd. 

I am still hoping Peter gets picked for the next Bachelor too. ;)


The One Year Bible, of course.  I sincerely mean it when I say it is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  I have enjoyed reading it every day.  We’ve read 2 Chronicles, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Psalms and Proverbs in August and are currently reading Job, 2 Corinthians, Psalms and Proverbs. 

I’m still reading The One & Only by Emily Giffing on the treadmill.  I was put on a running restriction this past month with my “health” issues so have had to focus on sprints and weights.  It’s a great book and I look forward to getting back in to it in September as I add a little running back in for my own sanity…

By Emily Giffin

What I’m listening:

I’m on repeat here with the same bands and the same playlists and the same podcasts.  I will continue to say that Hillsong United has captured my heart and the songs and affects they have on my heart do not disappoint.

Hillsong (HIL)

What I’m wearing:

Nothing fall related I can tell you that!  August is the hottest month in Houston and we notoriously do not cool down for the foreseeable future.  At least not like the rest of our northern friends.

I am sticking with this Leith dress for work and play as much as possible.  Mix it up with different jewelry and cardigans and it’s a win.  I’ll bring sandals with me to keep in my car so I can change out of my flats after work and be comfortable and cute.

JCrew Factory’s sidewalk skirt has been a comfortable find and I’m waiting for the right sale price to buy more colors.  It flatters the waistline while allowing room to be comfortable when you sit.  I pairs well with flats and sandals after work, heels, wedges, or boots again when the cooler temperatures hit.

These Gorjana earrings have really turned into a current favorite of mine.  I wasn’t sure I’d like the large size so much but turns out I can wear them with most everything to add a little glitz.  I’m so happy I snagged them during the #nsale recently.

My Chucks have been in hiding since May and I dusted them off again recently for a weekend trip.  I forgot how comfortable they are and easy to slip on and off at the airport.  I hadn’t worn them because 100+ degrees pretty much demand an open toed shoe.

What I’m doing this weekend:

I have no idea!  Everything is thrown off since last week's shut down.  I have errands to run, definitely want to make it to church, and figure out what else is needed to be done to help out between now and then.   

What I’m looking forward to next month:

September!  So much to be thankful for, always.  I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends, church, planned downtime, dinners, celebrations, and a trip to Mexico City.  Yes, I count my blessings often.

Yep - already started my list of gifts for others. =)))))))))

Yep - already started my list of gifts for others. =)))))))))

What else is new:

I’ll be sharing a post soon about my thoughts about my blog's one year anniversary. =)  I haven't decided when so stay tuned.