Workin' It Wednesdays: March 2017

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika to share a monthly Workin' It Wednesday post about work and home life.  These are normally shared on the second Wednesday of the month, but they had something personal come up so our posts were postponed and clearly today is not a Wednesday!

First of all before I start my brief post I'd like to acknowledge that I live alone and do not have children so managing my work and home life cannot compare to the busy mamas (and dads) out there who manage their families/homes and especially those who juggle that and have to go into an office.  I give major kudos to all parents who selflessly manage their day's responsibilities plus their little ones!

Second of all, this post will be brief because I shared a similar post back in November 2016 called "How to Get the Most Out of Your Day."  I shared a lot of detailed information on how I keep up with my busy social schedule, maintain my sanity, and am productive at work and home.  Click here to go back to read it!  I considered starting over on this post but honestly I'd be repeating a lot of the same information so I figured I might as well just point you back to that post.

I think it's important to prioritize things that are clearly critical to get done each day, be it at work or at home.  You can't put off doing laundry or buying groceries forever.  But, I do value having down time and truly listening to your body when it's telling you to slow down.  There have been times on my "off" nights that instead of going to the grocery store I convince myself to just go home and get into my pajamas instead - with acknowledgment that I may be noshing on leftovers or whatever random vegetables I have left because I do not feel like preparing a full meal.  And I'm OK with that!  There have been times that I am wide awake at 4am but my physical energy is depleted (much like what happened to me on Friday morning) but I still moseyed my way over to my gym for a much less intensive work out than normal, but you know what?  It was still a great work out.  There have been times that I have a list of to-do's to accomplish on my night "off" from social plans, but I convince myself to go home to do random other things that do not require any level of exertion nor that I can cross off my to-do list.  I think giving yourself grace to have down time (me time) is very important so while I may seem to be on the go, all the time, to everyone, I do find ways that feel like mini rewards to me.

I know this post is brief, but please do read through my previous post on how to get the most out of your day for some helpful tips.  I spent a lot of time on that post so I am thrilled to be able to share it again!  What ideas can you offer that help you balance your work and home life?  What helps you be productive and also helps you relax at home?

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day, fresh off of a great weekend.  Please subscribe below if you have not already to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts!