The Easiest Way to Mix Up Your Work Wardrobe in the Fall and Winter

I decided to share a quick post that is more of a "no-brainer" idea than anything.  Nonetheless, I receive compliments from strangers each time I wear these scarves that I figured I should share the love. 

This time of year I take every opportunity possible to wear boots to work.  I have mentioned before that I pamper my feet at work by only wearing flats these days (more like the last several years) plus struggle to make my riding boots look professional enough to coordinate with my attire.  This combo leaves me to needing a dressier, non heeled boot.

4 years ago I discovered the perfect boot for me.  The Steven Madden Intyce boot is my all time favorite boot.  I own them in black and cognac.  It has a tiny wedge to is and is so utterly comfortable that I have literally walked all over Europe in them all day, multiple times, without any aches or pains. 

The easiest outfits I throw together on any given morning this time of year when I do not feeling like thinking too much about what to wear or don't feel like ironing is always a staple black dress, either my black or cognac Intyce boots, and a scarf to make the outfit pop plus differentiate it from any other time I might have worn a black dress.  Grant it, I have at least 10 black dresses mixed into my line up of work appropriate clothes, but it still helps the outfit to look different and more colorful.

Twice last week I donned 2 completely different black dresses with the combo above.  Both days I received multiple compliments while walking around the downtown tunnels.  It's not about the dress.  It's not about the boots.  It's really about the scarves.  There is an endless supply of scarves out there for purchase, and truly, given your own preference it is difficult to go wrong.  You can vary it up with colors, patterns, textures, and thickness for warmth which may be needed for our northern friends.

The two scarves I wore last week are pictured above and below this with different black dresses.  I feel like I should make black dresses or at least all black outfits my go-to uniform for work.  It would save me a lot of time in the mornings...but I digress.  The teal plaid scarf I actually purchased from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, turkey so I cannot direct you to a direct match online.  I paired it with my black boots and a black tote that I purchased in Romania. =)

The leopard print, orange, and brown scarf was a gift years ago (Thank you JMo!) so I cannot direct you to it's direct match either.  Bogus, right?  I can, however, still direct you to some similar ones that have a wallet friendly price tag.  I paired this scarf with my cognac boots and my usual day-to-day purse right now.

This is the link you can copy and paste into your browser to view options similar to my teal scarf outfit, or click here.

And this is the link you can copy and paste into your browswer to view options similar to my animal print scarf outfit, or click here.

You can shop these looks and some of my other "fall essentials" I've mentioned before like this jacket or this cashmere duster vest using the widget below to peruse the looks.

Happy Shopping!  Happy Friday!  Friday Fashion!