What's Up Wednesday: November 2016

What's Up Wednesday: November 2016

The last Wednesday of every month, I am syncing up with some blogging ladies that I follow to share a little insight into my current world.  This month they shared theirs on the 23rd, but I've opted to be consistent and share mine on the 30th!


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My Favorite Blanket Scarves

Blanket. Scarves. For. Life.

I love them so, so much!  I wanted to jump on the bandwagon last year when blanket scarves started popping up everywhere, but I wouldn't let myself splurge when I have more scarves than I can wear.  Well, by July of this year I took the plunge because I "needed" it for a trip I took to Aspen.  Blanket scarves are larger than regular scarves and typically square versus how a regular scarf is a rectangle and can be worn in multiple different ways.  You can check out various ways to wear them here.

A couple of weekends ago I visited Portland, Oregon as well as some areas outside of the city such as: the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Forest Grove, and Cannon Beach.  It was ridiculously beautiful everywhere we went.  The weather is much cooler there than it currently is in Texas so I made sure to pack for warmth.  This is where my blanket scarves really came in handy.  Not only are they thick and warm, they're also great for accessorizing what seems to be my go-to black on black ensembles.  I plan to review my trip to Portland on TripAdvisor as well as share insight about our trip on here at a later date so will share more pictures then.  Therefore, this post will be quick and to the point...my scarves and outfits.

My first favorite blanket scarf is the BP Autumn Plaid Scarf from Nordstrom.  I bought this back in July because I loved the rust orange color.  It is PERFECT for fall, especially Thanksgiving coming up!  I made sure to wear black and orange on Halloween as seen below.  I paired it with black leggings, a black long sleeve top, a black puffer vest, my black duck boots (LOVE), and a beige felt hat.

You can shop this whole outfit by clicking here or copying and pasting this link below into your browser.  


Pumpkin picking at Bella Organic Farm in Portland on Halloween.

Somewhere on the side of the road in Forest Grove on our way to a vineyard on Halloween.  It was so pretty we had to stop!

On another day I mixed up some patterns a bit.  This isn't always easy for my untrained eye to see and put together, but I liked my combination in the end.  I wore this "red and turquoise" blanket scarf that actually looks like a fuchsia color in person, not red at all.  I purchased it on Zulily.com a while back and cannot find the precise scarf online, however, I found similar ones.  I paired it with a black herringbone vest (also from Zulily), (the BEST ever) black Zella "Live In" leggings, a black long sleeve shirt, my black bomber jacket from Marshall's, and red Hunter boots. To tie in more color and shield myself from the intermittent rain, I also wore a burgundy fedora hat. 

You can shop this whole outfit by clicking here or copying and pasting the link below into your browser.  One of the scarves shows brown on the link but that is because it comes in multiple colors and there is one that is more fuchsia.  


Latourell Falls in Oregon

And last but certainly NOT least is an outfit I wore that is BEGGING to be worn again around Christmas time.  Not only did the colors scream Christmas, we also stayed at a hotel right above/next to Macy's and they already had their Christmas displays up in all of their windows.  I was in heaven.  

I paired a red, green, & taupe blanket scarf with a bright red sweater, a black puffer vest, my Denizen by Levi's jeans (that I've shared before here), my black bomber jacket from Marshall's, and tall black faux fur lined brown and red duck boots (snow boots?).  I bought the boots on Zulily (notice a trend?) so I can't link up the precise pair but they look identical to some Sorel boots.  I think the red sweater brought out the perfect Christmas colors in the scarf as well as synced up with the red in my boots perfectly.  *Note: You can find some great things on Zulily, but buyer beware that you cannot return anything and shipping literally takes forever.  They have had multiple sales this week on these same type of blanket scarves so be on the lookout if you want to use their site.*

You can shop this whole outfit by clicking here or by copying and pasting the link below into your browser.  


At the Portland Old Town Saturday Market, but I've edited to sign to show it's now only 6 weeks until Christmas!!!  Woo hoo!

One of Macy's window displays.

Random moment walking through town when we decided to stop and play in a pile of beautiful leaves!

You can peruse the outfits suggested above by using the widget below.  Images of the items will appear/expand when you click on each individual picture.

I hope you enjoyed the post and outfit ideas.  Please share if it made you think of someone who might just need a blanket scarf in their life!

Happy Shopping!  Happy Friday!  Fashion Friday!