The Hottest Fall & Winter Color for Accessories!

This is a quick post today with some tips for shopping the "in" color for this fall and winter - burgundy (also referred to as wine, Cabernet, and maroon)This color family is everywhere you want to be right now.  I am seeing it in every clothing item possible to every accessory item possible.  I am noncommittal to trends sometimes, especially if I think I will not get enough use out of it before the trend passes.  That is precisely why I think accessorizing with the color is the best way to go!  You spend less, you can mix it into more outfits, and you're keeping up with trendy "what's in" style.  It's the perfect equation when shopping.

I've created a couple of links for you to use that summarize both the higher end priced items and the bargain fashion items I have found that look similar to their more expensive, practically identical counter parts.  Of course, there's more options out there and I am happy to help you look for any thing you may have in mind as I simply enjoy finding deals like this.  I can only list so many items on each "look" below so I was forced to keep my bargain hunting to a minimum.  Email me if you want help finding something specific or in finding a discount code.  It's basically my specialty. ;) I take pride in helping my friends locate things they want whether immediately or over the next few weeks to a month so with Christmas approaching I might just be your secret weapon.  No joke.  I noted before that bargain shopping is like a game to me.

Here are the "luxury", pricier items that you can accessorize your fall and winter wardrobe with!  You can copy and paste the link below into your browser or scroll to the bottom of this post to click on the link directly.

Here are the less expensive, bargain deals you can accessorize your fall and winter wardrobe with!!  They look very similar to the pricier finds above but will not break the bank.  We all know this is the time you need to save a little when shopping for yourself so that you can spend and GIVE more as the holidays approach.  You can copy and paste the link below into your browser or scroll to the bottom of this post to click on the link directly.

Click the images below to see the items in each if the two "looks" and you will be directed to a site to buy them directly!

I hope this post gives you some shopping tips or gift ideas as the holiday season is fast approaching!  I will be sharing my top gift giving ideas soon, so stay tuned for that.  I plan to share early because that is when I start shopping.  Giving a gift should be meaningful and sincere, not thoughtless and last minute.  If it's last minute, give a bottle of booze.  Everyone is happy.  If you have time, put thought in to it even if it's something "basic" like a pretty scarf or candle.  If you can explain WHY it made you think of the recipient, it is a thoughtful gift.  Let's start early this year!

In the mean time, please share this post with your family and friends!