Summer Giveaway!

Last Friday I announced my Summer Giveaway!  It's that time again for me to show appreciation to those of you who follow along with my blogging journey and thus, my life.  I sincerely appreciate every single reader.  And guess what?!  Today is the summer solstice, June 21st ~ the longest day of the year.  This always makes me happy because now we are officially moving our way towards fall and then Christmas!  Yes, I said it.

The past nine months have been a whirlwind for me personally and I am not entirely sure how I have kept up with life, work, and blogging except by the true grace of God.  Many days I have felt overwhelmed and thought that the simplest thing to cut out of my busy schedule that is both costly and time consuming is the blog.  Yet, somehow I have continued to have content to share and just kept thinking - OK, not yet.  

Blogging is rewarding and humiliating, humbling and invigorating, tiring and fulfilling.  The feedback I have received along the way has been very positive so I know that in some form my site has helped many readers.  I would love to hear more feedback so that I have continued guidance as to what you're loving, what you'd like to see more of, and any suggestions for blog topics you'd like for me to write about.  You can email me at

Lastly, before I close so that you can enter the raffle (if you haven't already) and I can get back to preparing for my next trip, I'd like to ask each of you to please continue to share my blog site and blog posts.  Simply put, there is no reason for me to spend the time crafting posts and content if my site isn't reaching more and more readers like you.  Slow growth and progress is still progress! 

(You'll need to open the blog post in a web browser to view the raffle. It doesn't display in email if that's how you're reading this.) 

I will randomly select a winner over the weekend and be in touch to get the winner's mailing address to mail the gift out next Tuesday, June 27th.  The raffle ends at 11:59pm on Friday, June 23rd.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!