October Announcement - It's Time for Change

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for change.  Bare with me while I explain…

September 21st 2016 was the launch of my blog site with my first blog post as I mentioned last Friday.  I decided to write three blog posts before ever announcing to anyone that I had started a blog not only to have a tiny blip of content on the site, but to also have the tiniest grasp of how to create a blog post on the host site that I use.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t know how to engage anyone to invite them to read this.  I was (and still frequently am) long worded in posts.  I write as if I’m talking to a friend because this is an informal blog, not a formal paper.  

Early last October I decided to cut 10 inches off of my hair, revamp my heart and mind, and get focused on blogging.  It felt great and liberating to get the words out.



A woman who cuts her hair.jpg

My life propelled forward immediately after that with unexpected twists and turns and hurts that could have set me back in many ways but I decided to stay focused on God and blogging in spite of what I was going through personally.

God often uses.PNG

I have learned a little here and there about the host site I use as well as about blogging and marketing the blog in the marketing course I purchased.  Ultimately though, with the holidays in full force and my mind and heart in survival mode I simply focused on blogging and looking for the many blessings in life along the way.  God is always good, and always leading us towards His will even if the path is not what we expected.

she's been through hell and come out an angel

I am proud of my blog and the effort, time, and money I have poured into it.  It isn’t cheap, but that was my choice.  Some blogging sites are free and I didn’t have to invest into a course but I did because I wanted to give this my all.  This was something I’ve wanted to do for many years and something I hope to continue to do now and/or in the future when the timing is right/permits.  Who’s to say when that will be or when I should stop?  Only God.  Rest assured I am trying my best to listen to His promptings on which way to go with this and if I should invest my time into it or to focus my attention on other things.  My hope is that with every word and every entry I am glorifying Him.

Some days I feel very spread thin, and for that I think a break is needed.  Some days I feel accomplished, and for that I think I want to continue.  Some days I simply feel as though I am only treading water with the blog because I do not have the time to focus on learning more about it, I haven’t completed the marketing course (because it insists I post live videos so I stopped the course a while back), AND because I do not feel this layout is the best for my content...

So – my announcement is this…

I will be taking off from blogging for the month of October! 

In this time, I intend to:

1)      Change the layout of my blog site which will take time to reorganize my posts.

2)      Work on completing the marketing course and implementing the steps it requires me to do (YIKES!).

3)      Gear up for the holidays both for the blog and personally.

4)      Try to relax my mind to decide if I will continue to post three times a week, more, or less as well as how I present the content that comes to my mind.

The difficult thing for me will be that I have a list of things I want to blog about, as well as there being posts I want to reshare from last October because hello fall, October and Halloween!  So, that being said you WILL see some posts from me in October but generally I will post less than normal.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall (1).png

Please hang tight with me and continue to share my blog site with your family and friends.  It’s important that I get new subscribers and continue to grow the site. 

You will still be able access my blog throughout this time so make sure to utilize the search feature (magnifying glass) to search for posts you want/need using key words as well as the categories and subcategories.  You can always email me as well with any questions or requests!  

I look forward to diving back in in November.  Praise the good Lord the holidays are here!