What's Up Wednesday: September 2017

September is coming to a close and what better a way to wrap up this odd month than with the monthly link up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.  I'll admit this month's entry actually took some thought because it was so scattered for me!


What I’m eating this week:

I am not entirely sure to be honest, but I have high hopes of making my pumpkin chili again!  It was soooo delicious I could hardly put down the spoon.

Print the recipe here.

What I’m reminiscing about:

Past Septembers.

Last September I still had long hair and I’ve been really missing it lately.  I chopped it all off in October and then even more this past February which I loved but I have strong disdain for my current in between length of hair and I swear it's been in a holding pattern for months.

long hair Sept 2016.JPG

The September before in 2015 was so much fun with a quick trip to NYC to visit my sister while I was in between companies.  We did the Sex and the City tour (the only* tour we’ve ever done there and she lived there for 10 years) which was great and we managed to be fall festive in the big city. =))

SATC tour 2015.JPG
NYC pumpkins 2015.JPG

What I’m loving:

I don’t know what it is about these, but I am loving these rings.  I have two that are similar to fit my middle fingers on both hands.

Bauble Bar Mason Ring

Also loving my go-to work flats from Payless.  Yes, you read that right.  I do not invest in shoes for work.  I walk around downtown Houston (ewe) and need cheap comfort that I can discard on a whim and not feel guilty about.  These have been my (and my friend’s/former co-workers) little secret for 3+ years.  I usually replace them once a year. I sold my Tory Burch Revas years ago after I failed to convince myself that any of the three pairs I owned were actually comfortable nor worth the cost.

Ring and flats in the picture below:


These come in solid black, nude, grey flannel, and this pretty perforated crimson shade.

What I’ve been up to:

You tell me, please!  September felt like a little bit of everything.  Recovering from Hurricane Harvey around the city, dealing with a cold for a week, celebrating family & friends’ birthdays, keeping up with work demands, and planning out my strategy for the next month…

Oh, and a little bit of this...

And a little of that...

What I’m dreading:


What I’m working on:

The usual, I believe.  Myself, my health, the blog, my relationship.  I feel like I’ve been torn in a million directions this past month despite my intentions to slow down.

What I’m excited about:

My announcement on Friday, getting more into the fall season and spirit, and decorating for fall and then Christmas!!  I’m way behind…

And I found a new friend.  Well, not yet, but she needs to be my friend. ;)  We think alike. http://www.lovewednesday.com.au/family/5-reasons-to-put-your-christmas-tree-up-early/

Sept 1st Christmas tree.PNG

I'm also pretty excited that this happened:

hunter boots.png

But, in a flash it was gone as they featured new posts.  ={  I'm glad I thought to check for it and take a snip of the site.

What I’m watching/reading:

Watching – I don’t have anything at the moment now that the Bachelor is over, but that is a good thing as I have a lot I want to focus on next month which includes not focusing at all!  That being said, rest assured that I will certainly fit in my favorite Halloween movies: Addams Family, Addams Family Values, and Hocus Pocus.  With.out.fail.

hocus pocus.JPG

Reading – Lord help me, I am behind on my leisure reading by a LONG shot and my stack of books to read is getting dusty.  I have kept up with my One Year bible though and simply love every moment of it.  This month we finished: Job, 2 Corinthians, Ecclesiastes, and Galatians.  We are still/currently reading: Isaiah, Philipians, Psalms, Proverbs.

What I’m listening to:

This month was off from my norm a bit for a few reasons.  The song "O" from Coldplay's Ghost Stories album randomly popped on in my car from iTunes when my Bluetooth connected and it scared me at first!  But, then I continued listening to the album.  I forgot how much I loved that album after sort of banishing it for a bit.  Brings back good memories.

So then I went ahead and listened to their album A Head Full of Dreams which was appropriately timed to the very heart breaking earthquake in Mexico.  I say timed because I saw Coldplay's concert for that album in Mexico City.  My heart hurts for Mexico, and I hope you are keeping them in your prayers, along with the Caribbean islands, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana hit by the recent hurricanes.  

Other than that I’ve hardly listened to anything other than my Pandora Christmas station while driving across town.  =/  Has anyone else started listening to Christmas music?  For what it’s worth, I only do it on Sunday evenings when driving home…and admittedly every night that I was in Knoxville with my sister.  I mean…we couldn’t help it.

September Christmas music.JPG
September Christmas music Tom Cruise.JPG

What I’m wearing:

It’s too warm here in Houston to truly break out the boots and I haven’t even attempted the booties either.  I am counting down the days until we have cooler weather.  Regardless of shoes, I am doing my best to feel fall-ish for my own sanity. 

I stumbled upon these cashmere, racerback, turtleneck sweaters and am so glad I splurged.  I don’t really like wearing sleeves (ever) as I rely on cardigans or coats when the weather gets cooler.  This is because Houston’s weather is rarely consistently cold and our buildings aren’t the best at regulating the back and forth of needing to use air conditioning or heat.  Anyway, they're sooo soft and perfect for our warmer days and the upcoming cooler ones as well.  I bought all three colors: black, caramel, and loden.

Next up is this skirt I ordered last month as I need to shift some new things in to my wardrobe as I shift out things that no longer fit or work well and I love everything about it.  It says “mini” skirt but it’s not.  And I like the roomy, yet flattering a-line shape.  Plus – hello leopard print for fall.  I’m wearing it with the flats I mentioned above but when the temperatures are right, this outfit will pair perfectly with boots.

Cashmere Racerback // Sanctuary Leopard Print Skirt // additional skirt sizes here


What I’m doing this weekend:

 This weekend I will be headed out of town for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to breaking free from Houston and getting some QT with BF. =)

What I’m looking forward to next month:

The BF’s birthday, friends’ birthdays, celebrating my friends’ engagements, two of my besties coming into town, maybe traveling (TBD), and fall-fall-fall!

happy its fall meme.JPG
happy its fall meme 2.JPG

I think that wraps it all up for now.  How was your September?  Any fall fun planned next month?  

Wishing you a happy Wednesday and rest of the week!