Hello, hello.  Have we met before?

I think sometimes I take it for granted that everyone (anyone) reading this has been following along with me for a while and assume that you've peeked around on my blog to see my About page and my What's In A Name page to read a little back ground information about who I really am.  But, as I've seen some fellow bloggers periodically re-introduce themselves in their social media feeds it has occurred to me that I rarely go back to read about who they are unless I follow their blogs and not just their social media.  OOPS!  

So here I am.  My life in words.  Some of you know me personally.  Some of you know of me through a mutual contact.  Some of you have never met me.  Some of you may read my blog for the first time today.  Here. I. Am.  Welcome!

If I had to summarize myself today these are the first ten thoughts that come to mind:

  1. My name is Rebecca and I tend to be long worded in print.  Catch me in person and I can come across very quiet but I'm either evaluating the new person, listening intently to understand, or waiting for my turn to speak.  Give me a couple of glasses of wine and then I like to talk. ;)
  2. I am engaged and excited to be married this year!  But, the truth is I have been married before.  I have never tried to hide this (see my About page!).  My broken past shaped who I am for the better and propelled me into my love of studying Christian marriage and relationship books.
  3. The humiliation of getting divorced resonated deep in me at the ripe old age of 29 and I have a deep compassion for anyone going through it, who's been through it, or who's hurting in their current marriages.  Because of that I can sit down with you and listen to your story, relate to you, desire to help you, talk you through things, cry with you and for you, pray for your relationship, and inspire you to redeem it.  That is my longing and calling in my heart right now - to help by coaching marriages and relationships.  See my Books page for resources.
  4. I am on the other side of 35 and feel like I've lived five different lifetimes.  [I wanted to type that to read thirty fiiiiivvvvvvveeee with the implied sound of falling off of a cliff. ;)]  If you know me personally, you've likely heard me refer to myself in time ranges such as "two lifetimes ago" because with each relationship we change and grow.  If I try to remember who I was in those former years it's hard to fathom.
  5. I love the Lord and would like to say I always have.  But, I didn't begin truly seeking and knowing Him until 2011 and He has courted me throughout so many dark situations with a love that I cannot explain well enough to do it justice.  I am passionate in my faith, passionate in my worship, and passionate in honoring and glorifying Him - all the days of my life.  He is present and fills my heart when I am weak, when I am sad, when I am broken, when I am happy, when I am at peace, and when I feel strong.  He is everything.  
  6. My blog is a lifestyle blog ~ so you'll find on here a little bit of everything.  However, my three main focuses are relationships/marriage information, healthy recipes, and bargain shopping.  I haven't had as much opportunity to read and write about relationships over the past year as I focused on reading the Bible in a year, but as this year unfolds I will be able to work more on my blog to share the knowledge I have there as well as rev back up my DIY crafts and projects.  I am so excited!!  I feel like a large part of who I am had to be put on pause over the last year.
  7. I love comedies, silly memes, and puns.  I make myself laugh a lot, and I do like to make others laugh.  Catch me in the right moment with a cocktail and good music and I will do a silly dance (OK, a lot of dancing) to make you laugh regardless of how many people are watching (I'm talkin' to you JMo). My favorite movies are: Christmas Vacation, The Little Mermaid, Austin Powers (all of them), Scary Movie 2 (1 and 3 were pretty funny too), The Notebook, and Moulin Rouge.  Make me laugh or give me a sappy love story and I'm happy.
  8. I love wine, champagne, and a good frozen margarita.  I love to get dolled up for a fancy dinner but I also love a casual night with Tex-Mex.  I'm rather easy to please in that regard I think.  
  9. If I could change one thing about myself it would be my Rosacea.  I would love to roll out of bed and just go, but my skin says heck no!  There's hardly anything more embarrassing to me than how bright red my face gets.  So, I'd rather you notice I am wearing heavier foundation than to see bright red.  #truth  Yes, I have tried various Rosacea washes and creams that didn't help.  I have one that is about 85% effective but it breaks out my skin so I rarely use it anyway.
  10. I love dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages and hope to one day start a rescue.  And by rescue I suspect I'll need a ranch because I will struggle to ever adopt them out.  A mother's love is fierce and I still grieve losing my two boys in my divorce so I don't have high hopes of ever taking in a baby (I call all animals babies) and then finding them a home.  Truth be told - I have visions of also rescuing or buying micro pigs, ducks, goats, cats, otters, chickens, hedge hogs...I feel like I'm missing something but you get the picture.  ;)  Don't worry, the FH has been warned.
New Dog Meme.PNG

I think those are some easy, quick facts to reintroduce myself.  If you're following along, thank you!  Please share my blog with your family and friends.  Readers like you make my time and effort worthwhile.  If it wasn't for you then there would be zero purpose in sharing my life online.

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