Friday Favorites - February 2nd 2018

Happy Friday and happy February!

I'm linking up with Andrea to share my recent faves.  I'm keeping this one quick since you just got a large dose of me on my What's Up Wednesday post!

Favorite #1

This clutch.

I thought it was pretty online.  Then I received it in the mail.  All the heart-eyed emoji's.

I bought it in apricot which is like a light beige.  Saying it is beautiful is an understatement and I now want the clutch in EVERY color.    It's more on the formal side though even the black-green (shown below) would be great with jeans and brown boots and a leather jacket.  Yup.  I'm sold.

Take a look at the light green, the royal blue, the black, the grey, and the dark red.  *swoon*

It does smell a little funny when you open it (chemicals), so let it air out.  Otherwise *GIFT IDEA ALERT*!

Favorite #2

These beauty products are my fave.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.  I've worn this since 2010.  The Estee Lauder counters have a matching tool to scan your skin and match the shade you need.  It's waterproof and stays on great even during a rigorous work out.  

Neutrogena Hydro Boost.  My last dermatologist told me to try this for wrinkles and sensitive skin.  It doesn't irritate my Rosacea and smells incredible to me.  It dries fast with no grease at all.  FINALLY a moisturizer I can use on my oily and sensitive skin!

Herbivore Lapis.  Just read the reviews. It once was blue, but turns green after a while (not sure why).

Kiehl's Sun-Free Self Tanning Formula.  I started using this about seven years ago.  $24 per bottle gets me about 5 full body applications.  Can't beat that price.  I try to put it on once a week.  I let it dry for 10 minutes or so before throwing on a loose night gown and doing things around my place and eventually going to bed.  Works like a charm.

Amara Organics Retirol Serum.  Solid good stuff.  Reviews didn't lie.

beauty products.JPG

Favorite #3

This meme, because WHO doesn't appreciate a good burrito.

burrito meme.PNG

Do you have a favorite Mexican food restaurant?  While I can testify that I have tried more than I can count, I'm always interested in trying new ones!

Favorite #4


I got an email from Family Life the other day that had an article about humility in marriage.  This topic always lures me in because I think pride is a festering source of broken and failing relationships.  I wrote a blog post on pride and humility previously, as well as a blog post about what love really is.  

It hurts my heart how frequently I see relationships hurting because one person doesn't want to admit fault, or one person doesn't want to apologize, or one person is so focused on their needs they fail to see what their partner needs.  (Note* all of those examples could very well be both people in the relationship failing, not just one.)

An article written by Pastor Gary Thomas about Narcissism in Marriage hit the nail on the head. 

Your marriage isn’t about you.

It’s not even about your marriage.

Ultimately, your marriage is about proclaiming the power and glory of Jesus Christ.
— Gary Thomas

If you have 10 minutes to spare, then it would be beneficial to read the four articles linked above.  

Favorite #5

This song over and over as loud as I can sing it.  It touches my heart.

Favorite #6

Bonus!  I thoroughly enjoyed the past weekend with a fun date night with the FH, an incredible baby shower for my dear friend (her sister built that moon!) and getting to see so many of my closest friends, then dinner with the FH's closest friends Saturday evening, plus time with him and his family on Sunday.  Life is good.

I shared this dress earlier this month when I wore it over our New Year's trip.  I've since worn it to work and now to a baby shower.  I'm telling you...paired with sandals, boots, or works.

Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress

Marc Fisher Peep Toe Booties also can be found here at QVC.

baby shower group pic.jpg

I think that sums up the week for me.  How was your week?  What were the favorite things about your week?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead.  TGIF!