Friday Favorites - June 21st 2018

Happy Friday!  My mind is whirling from this week.  Getting back home from Aspen and catching up on life and appointments has gotten the best of me.  I'm tired!  However, I am excited to share some fun favorites with you all that I feel like I've been stock piling so I may save some for next week, especially because I will be leaving town again for about 12 days.  That's a long time.  A very long time...I am excited for the trip and the many friends and family I will see, but I am not looking forward to the time apart from the hubs and Lorenzo for part of the trip.

Anyway, all good things to come!  So, I am linking up today with Andrea to share my recent faves.  

Favorite #1

Barre Chips.  

All the yummy effects here.  Hubby approves.  We've tried the carrot and sweet potato chips.  Make sure to check the ingredients because some of the flavors have sugar, if you're avoiding that.

Pretty darn healthy, right?!  And so delicious.  I found them at HEB in the gluten free section, but would imagine you can also find them at Whole Foods, or other grocery stores in your area.

Favorite #2

Summer dresses.

I love this one from Lulu's.  I wanted it in cream floral but it was sold out in my size.  I purchased it in black floral.  It's long enough to be modest, has slits to be flirty with the wind, and you can tuck the off the shoulder sleeves into the side if you want to make it strapless, which I did after we took these photos and I liked it even more.  #twodressesinone

Favorite #3

Dog carrier anythings.  

I mentioned in my last Friday Favorites how much I love my 2-in-1 trailer/stroller.

Well, we picked up a sling while in Aspen that I had been meaning to look for online but just hadn't yet.  Then, we ordered this Coodia Legs Out pet carrier.  My dreams came true.

Please excuse the God-awful photo of me with no make-up and the straps need to be adjusted.  I was just so tickled the first time I tried it that I had to take a photo (and video if you follow along with me on Instagram).

Favorite #4 

Healthy options on the go.

It is far too easy to eat terribly while traveling and especially during vacation because we allow ourselves so many leniencies.  At least I know I do!  

Well, I picked these up for the hubs a few weeks ago while he was adjusting to Whole 30/Paleo and I thought they were pretty good!  He travels often as it is, plus his work days can be hectic so I thought these were another option for him to snack on.  They're pure, dried fruit.  Note to the mamas out there...great for kids!

Always check the ingredients though to make sure there's nothing else added!  I found these at HEB in the gluten free section so I would imagine (like above) you can find these at Whole Foods or other comparable grocery stores.

Favorite #5

Date nights with girl-friends, husband, or any reason to get a little dressed up.

I enjoyed my fun outfits in Aspen both during the day and for dinner, though I failed to take photos of most of them.  Considering the cooler evening climates there they aren't super helpful during the summer anyway, so I may just do a lay flat photo of them later on.

After realizing I failed to snap photos of good outfit finds this past week I definitely made a point to take a photo before leaving the house for dinner with a bestie this week and I'm glad I did because we didn't take a photo together either.  I didn't even pause long enough to fix the short's tie nor my purse zipper.  Can you see why I fall behind on being a "blogger"?  I'm just not a picture person at the end of the day and don't enjoy documenting every second of my life on my phone.  There, I said it.  

Anyway, I totally dug this outfit and will definitely wear it again soon.  Why?  Primarily because I do not like shorts and struggle to wear them, much less find any that I feel comfortable in, so liking these in the middle of this humid summer is a God-send.  I didn't use to be this way but since my hormones went haywire after a very stressful time of life and my body hasn't adjusted back I just haven't wanted to sport shorts.  So, when I tried these on and loved how loose and comfortable they were as well as a bit dressy I was thrilled.  

BCBG shorts.jpg

What have been some of your favorites this past couple of weeks?  Any cool new discoveries?  By the way...are any of you excited to see Mama Mia!  Here We Go Again?  I'm literally counting down to seeing it.  Finally a movie I want to see!  

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead.