My Favorite Hair Products

I'm a loyal person at heart and typically resistant to change...that combination means I stick to what I trust and love!  One thing I care a lot about but surprisingly do not invest much time in caring for is my hair.  Doesn't make sense right?  Basically, I feel as though I have spent a lot of money in the past on high end salon products that I didn't like and gave away to keep returning to the tried and true products I loved anyway plus have been known to add a little lotion to semi-damp hair for the natural/beach wave look and just go about my day.  Those may not be my favorite hair days, but they're usually not my worst either!

I'm linking up today for Girl Chat with EmilyLindsayLizzieSierra, and Danielle to share my favorite hair products.  This excited me because I surprisingly get compliments on how soft my hair is or the look of it and I truly don't do very much or spend a lot!  Of course, everyone's hair is different as well as what tools you use or if you get it processed and that will determine the true necessity you may have for certain types of products.


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My Favorite Hair Products

1. It's a 10 Leave in Conditioner.  This stuff is solid gold.  A little goes a long way, smells amazing, and instantly detangles any knots.  It's worth every penny.  Plus, it works so well that when I got to the bottom of the bottle I added some water to it to get every last drop and even the watered down version worked excellently!  Note to self - with the next bottle I'll probably dilute it some to stretch it out further because it really does work that well.  LOVE.

2.  Not Your Mother's dry shampoo.  Toasted Coconut smells amazing, but I have also used Clean Freak because it was all that was available at Target at the time.  This dry shampoo gives me the best results without feeling thick and weirdly greasy.  

3.  Not Your Mother's sea salt spray.  When you want to look and smell like you've been at the beach, this is the answer.  I LOVE this stuff.  I use it when I need to tame the natural frizz on days I only half blow dry my hair.  It tames it well, smells amazing, and doesn't get sticky so if I later want to curl my hair with my flat iron I have no issues.

4.  Dove Daily Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  I have been using this for YEARS.  I occasionally buy other shampoos/conditioner brands just to spice it up and alternate between the Dove and the different brands so that my scalp doesn't get used to the products but if I am honest, and I am, then I will admit that I always, always, always regret attempting to mix in any other brand of shampoo/conditioner and go back to just Dove when I run out of the other.  It smells good, works great, leaves ZERO residue or wax build up, and isn't heavy.  They're easy to find at the grocery store, Target, Walmart, etc.

5.  Chi Flat Iron.  Because life is hard enough not to have a handy tool like this.  I flat iron my hair straight and curl my hair with the same flat iron.  Genius.

The bigger the plate, the bigger the wave you'll get.  When my hair was significantly longer I used a 4" plated Revlon (I think it was Revlon) flat iron.  I'll end up digging out that treasure once my hair grows back out.

6.  Chi Blow Dryer.  So, funny story...the hubs gave me this as one of my Christmas gifts in the weeeeee hours of the morning.  I gave him a long, drunken monologue about how certain blow dryers do not have high enough wattage and I like high wattage because I want lots of heat when I blow dry my hair because of my frizz factor.  (Again, I admit I do not even try to take care of my hair and yet it is soft.)  I had had way too much wine and went on and on and on about how this blow dryer may not work for me but that it was very thoughtful of him to procure it based on recommendations he had received.  Little did I know, he was anxiously awaiting me to open another gift that had my engagement ring in it.  I had NO idea that was coming that evening/morning so pretty much tortured his nervousness as I dragged out the conversation.  OOPS!

Well, I ended up LOVING this blow dryer.  It works excellently and hair gets super smooth when I use it.  I hated my last blow dryer so this was like a little gift from heaven.  He still asks me if it has enough wattage.  ;)

What are your favorite products?  There are sooo many I am tempted to try so would love to hear feedback!  Living Proof and Bumble & Bumble products are on my radar.  Have you tried them?  

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday!  Come onnnnnnn, Friday!