What's Up Wednesday: April 2019

Hello dear friends! It has been a little bit longer than REALLY long since I’ve written a blog post. The last time I had “time” to sit down at my computer to write I didn’t get past an introduction sentence before I had to hit save and walk away to change out the laundry and start dinner. That was two months ago…and as you may very well have noticed I never did get a chance to come back to resume that blog post. YIKES!

2018 is a blur and the beginning of 2019 has been as well but I have it in my heart to resume writing once two of my dearest friends get married in May. Fingers crossed!

For now I am just excited to be able to catch you all up on a little bit about life lately. I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share a recap about April.


What we're eating this week:

I think we’re getting into a routine to cook at home a little bit more, even if it’s a basic dinner. Lately it’s been baked cod, mahi mahi, or wild caught salmon and vegetables, steak and baked potatoes with our mom’s, or some of the hub’s favorites that I can freeze extras of for him to take to work like Mammaw’s meatloaf, my green turkey chile, or the likes. I’m excited to meet a friend for lunch at my fave restaurant Ruggles Black and to meet a group of friend’s at El Tiempo for Tex-Mex this week. I can never get enough!

What I'm reminiscing about:

Past Aprils. Last year in April 2018 we got married and went to Italy for our honeymoon. It was a wonderful time of celebration of course. April 2017 I spent Easter weekend in Tennessee with my family. April 2016 and 2015 I spent in Houston in another lifetime but I remember those birthday and Easter celebrations well. The days feel long, but the years sure are flying by.

You can read some wedding related blog posts from last year here:





I never did get the time to add in my desired post about flower girl gifts and even though I still have the photos on my phone waiting for that blog post I may very well have to let that pass. We shall see!

What I'm loving:

This St. Tropez Express Tanning lotion I switched to when Kiehl’s discontinued the one I’ve used for nine years! It goes on fast and easy with an immediately bronze color so it’s easy to see where you’ve applied it. You can rinse off with water in 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want to be. It doesn’t rub off on clothes once it’s dried. Then you shower with soap 8 hours later and voila! You have yourself a great tan. Now, who’s ready for summer?

What we've been up to:

Oh goodness. Since the beginning of the year: dinners, showers, bachelorettes, birthdays, anniversaries, Rocket’s games, traveling, galas, hosting Easter, working out, Dr. appointments, luncheons, etc. etc. etc.

Since the weather has been nicer we’ve taken some family walks and runs through the neighborhood with Lorenzo, too. And what the heck??? This baby has grown to at least 7lbs but this mama is suspecting he may be closer to 8lbs now…to be determined when we take him back for his annual check up soon.

What I'm dreading:


What I'm working on:

Figuring out my health trials, that elusive summer body we all want, and helping my friends with their upcoming weddings!

summer body.JPG

What I'm excited about:

Both of those upcoming weddings! Plus, traveling to Montana next month. Giddy up!

What I'm watching/reading:

Watching: If I turn the TV on I tend to just select the Hallmark Channel to have it on in the background to whatever I’m working on. I tried to watch Colton’s season of The Bachelor but ended up only watching 2 or 3 episodes and that’s WITH it being on DVR. I just haven’t had much time to watch anything.

Reading: My reading has shifted a bit in the past 6 months since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. As of late the books I’ve read were:

And for fun on the treadmill I recently read:

Merry and Bright: A Novel
By Debbie Macomber

This may be a good time to confess to anyone **actually** reading this that I am already counting down to June when the OFFICIAL count down to Christmas begins (and to all things fall & holiday related) and to July when Hallmark airs their Christmas in July.

What I'm listening to:

Work out playlists, Coldplay's Ghost Stories still on repeat because I just can’t let it go yet, and Hillsong United as usual! 

I still listen to my usual podcasts when I can: Hope City, Joyce Meyer, and Marriage Today.

What I'm wearing:

Some recent fun finds that I’m loving are:

Moto leggings - athleisure meets work outs. It’s an easy throw on and go for me!

I’m recently digging the tennis skorts. It adds a bit of sass, the look of a skirt, but the coverage of shorts. I much prefer to wear skirts than shorts so this athleisure addition has really piqued my interest. I officially own a navy and white striped skort and a white skort. I plan to wear them ALL THE TIME this summer.

I found one of mine at Athleta and one at Marshall’s. Keep your eyes open there because I’d much rather pay $16 for it than $50+. Just sayin’.

5” running shorts have lured me in despite how much I dislike shorts. For the intense heat I vividly remember from summer last year, I know I need to wear shorts when I’m not working out (because I do not work out in shorts…nope nope nope). I found that these 5” shorts are a gem, both comfortable and modest enough without feeling like Bermuda shorts.

Aside from athleisure, I have been totally digging these:

Espadrille wedges! I am so in love with these. They’re WAY comfortable and FINALLY a height I am willing to wear. Don’t get me wrong…I have coveted the many (over) 4” wedge espadrilles from the past season or two but I am not willing to alter my whole wardrobe around tall shoes anymore nor tower over the hubs because I’m all of a sudden walking on stilts. I’ve waited patiently and my patience paid off. I went into DSW to return some running shoes I ordered online but they literally stopped me because I would lose over $30 in coupons and rewards so I did what any intelligent, frugal fashionista would do and went shopping for something to exchange it for. $2.47 later I had this pair of excellent summer wedges. I encourage you to GET YOU A PAIR!

This Halogen split back tank is legit fabulous. I have it in four colors and will definitely pick up more. It’s soft like pajamas yet nice enough to wear with a cute necklace and heels. I love the high neck for modesty, sleeveless-ness because I personally hate sleeves, and the cute split in the back for a pop of detail. I literally throw these all all the time. It’s way worth $10.

I cannot rave enough about this Lulu’s jumpsuit. I initially bought it in red for Christmas and loved it so much I bought it in black. It fits perfectly (a little long, but high enough heels allows me not to hem it). It’s comfortable and flattering! Plus, that open back…so fun!

What I'm doing this weekend:

This weekend I am going to see Hillsong United in concert with Rachel! I seriously am over the moon excited about this. I have wanted to see them in concert since 2015, but life just didn’t allow it. I have been out of town each time. I am not only thrilled to worship live with Hillsong but also with Rachel. Queue all the massive tears. God is so good to love each and every one of us when we least deserve it.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

So many things! A bridal getaway to Montana, my sister' & brother in law’s birthday (same date), Mother’s Day, my niece’s birthday and high school graduation, my God-daughters’ birthdays, two besties’ weddings, hosting a shower at our house, and MORE.

What else is new:

I think I've summed things up for now. At least, I think I have because it’s been so long since I’ve written anything I am completely unorganized!

How has your 2019 been so far?  What were your highlights? 

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week ahead!