What's Up Wednesday: October 2019

Here we are at the end of October and I am ever so grateful that this LONG month is finally over! I do not wish the days away but I am ever so ready for Halloween to be over (I could care less about it), Thanksgiving to be here (because I love to host my family), and for Christmas to begin (because we really should be celebrating Christ’s birth ALL year long…AM I RIGHT?!?!)

Ladies (and gentlemen), please believe me when I say I have no idea where this year has gone much less this month. However, I can tell you with utmost certainty that this has been the longest month of the year for me. I will refrain from recapping the end of September that threw me into a tizzy, the beginnings of October that I couldn’t recover from said tizzy, and the rest of the month is a blur.

I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share my monthly recap. Hang tight with me a bit as my future unfolds. I promise by year end I WILL decide if I want to continue sharing myself or if I will slow this down and (temporarily?) resign but give you ample time to save any ideas or recipes you want to.



What we're eating this week:

Y’all, we’re not! I haven’t looked up at the dinner calendar on my “bulletin” board to update it in WEEKS. Sunday night the hubs made GF ground turkey tacos for us, my mom, and the littlest bunch of women in the Houston area (my mom, his mom (84), my Granny (91-my mom’s mom), and my Aunt Veila (93-mom’s aunt). We ate, laughed, and played a fun game called Mexican Train that is apparently a hit at all of the senior living communities.

Monday night we had a 10pm start time Halloween part so we picked up take out.

Tuesday night I was supposed to go with the hubs to an event but I was wiped from the construction so I ate leftovers.

Wednesday night the hubs has a board meeting so I will order take out for my friend and I while we plan her wedding.

Thursday & Friday I don’t even know y’all. We have flooring people here and the one week project is looking like two weeks. The construction noise(s) is/are so loud that Lorenzo is shaking and whimpering if he’s not in my lap. I can’t leave the house. He doesn’t like car rides, stroller rides, walks, basically anything involving leaving the house - much to my demise after all of the time/effort/expense in acclimating him to leaving the house. SO NO COOKING HAPPENING HERE DEAR!

I did recently spend a full Friday while the hub’s was traveling to prepare four meals for him and freeze them in individual containers for work lunch/dinner. That being said I do not want to cook for a bit because…see below.

What I'm reminiscing about:

October’s passed. Wow oh wow. Thank you Facebook!

PDX rb leaves 10.31.16.jpg

What I'm loving:

These Christmas pajamas are so fun! The hubs isn’t a fan of the embarrassment and TBH (to-be-honest) I am not sure that we will use them for this Christmas card (versus next year’s cards). I purchased matching pj’s earlier this year for all of us and then I saw this onesie and didn’t want to miss out on it.

What we've been up to:

Welp…life lately for the past month has been the hubby’s birthday, a friend’s baby shower (+baby born!), family visits, my great aunt (93) moving back to Houston and I am responsible for most every thing, birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, baby showers, 1st birthdays, ladies’ nights, wedding planning, and Halloween galas/events.

the raven costume1.JPG

What I'm dreading:

I do not believe in dreading.

What I'm working on:

Mental health, emotional health, planning for the holidays, healing from the past, making way for the future.

What I'm excited about:

Christmas!!! Our yard lights are supposed to be set up early November but I am truly excited for them! Last year the lights were put up much later than I anticipated.

What I'm watching/reading:

Watching: Not a whole lot of anything!

If I turn the TV on, I like to set the station to Hallmark because the Christmas countdown began on October 25th. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Reading: The Hashimotos Healing Diet

What I'm listening to:

Repeat: Wildest Dreams because I had to prep for one of my costumes!


This month has been super busy so I haven’t listened to the radio much.

What I'm wearing:

Athleisure most days because of moving things, etc.

I have purchased some new things that I’ll share later on.

What I'm doing this weekend:

This weekend the hubs and I will attend another gala and entertain the SLC (short ladies committee) I am sure.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Celebrating my birthday and by celebrating I mean decorating for Christmas with a bottle of Veuve.

What else is new:

I think I've summed things up.

How was your October? Are you excited for Thanksgiving OR Christmas?

This weekend we change our clocks back (WHAT???) and I hope you’re thinking of your Thanksgiving and Christmas events!

Wishing you all a wonderful remainder of the week!