Friday Favorites - November 1st 2019

Happy Friday everyone!

TGIF and HOORAY for November!!! How was your Halloween? Ours lasted far too long with two costume events and Halloween evening itself, but I always enjoy seeing the kids dressed up for trick-or-treating. Don’t you?

I’m linking up today to share some recent faves.

Favorite #1

I found this sweater at Nordstrom when I was luggage-less in Vancouver. I went through the store very quickly 20 minutes before closing time and bought the fasted things I could without trying anything on. I count my blessings that I chose well and everything fit!

This Leith sweater is SO SOFT. I could live in this and be happy. It’s loose but not too bulky and just heavy enough for Houston’s (rare) cooler weather. I am wearing it as I type this actually!

The drawbacks are that it’s not very long so you may want to wear a cami underneath and it seems to catch/snag on things when I’m not even aware of it because I have two spots I need to thread back in. But, I stinkin’ love it and it comes in eight pretty colors including a Christmas red. ;)

Favorite #2

Another thing I had to buy on the Vancouver luggage-less trip was a pair of jeans. Man oh man did I get lucky without trying these on as well. I’ve never worn this brand before either. I bought my usual size and they fit great! I actually think they make my thighs look thinner which is NOT something I frequently think or feel when I put on a pair of jeans or leggings. They have some stretch to them and are very comfortable.

You can see me in both these jeans and the sweater above in this little clip of me playing musical spoons. Unfortunately I didn’t take any other photos in the outfit because it was pouring down rain and we headed to the airport that afternoon.

Favorite #3

Before I move on to my new favorite jeans ever, I feel like I must mention my Sperry Duck boots. They’re nothing extraordinarily new trend wise and at this point I am sure everyone has heard of duck boots. But, for good measure in case you have not they are waterproof shoes that are super duper comfortable and keep your feet dry. They’re lighter and easier to carry with you than rain boots and come in various colors as well as various warmth options per brand you choose.

I typically shy away from spending the money on Sperry’s and have previously purchased a different brand of duck boots for a fraction of the price that were/are excellent. But…I came across this pair of Sperry’s at Marshall’s for half of the original cost and I went ahead and snagged them. They’re a different color than my old ones and I know they’ll last forever. I’m wearing them today and you can see them in the video above.

Here they are full price at Nordstrom , dicounted at Nordstrom Rack, and even more discounted are these similar Sperry’s discounted at Marshall’s.

Favorite #4

Y’all. Listen up. I have unexpected news. I have found the most perfect pair of jeans (for me) EVER!

I have increasingly become a Kohl’s shopper because they keep hooking me back in with Kohl’s cash and 25% off coupons when I go there to return Amazon orders. Every now and then I find something I really like for myself, but I tend to find good deals for my mom or for the hub’s company shirts and especially for home stuff.

Anyway, I found myself looking online trying to use that darn Kohl’s cash (because hello…free money!) and went to peruse their jeans. I am always and forever wishing my jeans fit differently. Well, actually I am always and forever wishing my thighs were different but I digress… =/

I read reviews about the brand called Rock & Republic and everyone said what I am about to say. WHERE HAVE THESE JEANS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE!?! I am so glad I tried them. I ordered four pairs of jeans (this brand and another below) expecting to return them all but nope. I kept them all. I have actually wanted to wear jeans since then only it’s been too hot to wear jeans most days.

They have a tad of stretch but not too much so it holds everything in, pull on style so no awkward button sticking out underneath your shirt, and make your hiney look good! Oh, and my favorite part…NO MUFFIN TOP! They’re true to size.

These are love in every way. They’re straight leg but I keep them rolled up like in the photo. They’re my perfect jeans.

Then, there’s these skinny jeans/leggings that are for when I do not want the distressed look. I have them in the color flat line (shown) and DNA (black jeans).

Favorite #5

Now ladies, here’s the other brand I discovered at Kohl’s and loved the jeans, Apt 9. Stretchy, tummy control, wide waist band, comfortable and sexy. I bought them in black and they’re true to size. This pair and the black pair of Rock & Republic black jeans will be my go to’s for going out for sure.

I was just about to type that I would go ahead and share all of my recent finds but I’ll save the dressier finds for another post. I have been slowly stocking up as I’ve realized a lot of things no longer fit me (UGH) and that I have been dressing so casually in athleisure that I don’t have much to wear when we go out anymore. I’ve placed a lot of orders and made a LOT of returns but here and there I have had some wins to share.

I’ll be spending Saturday evening at a gala and likely Sunday recuperating and visiting family. Have any fun plans for the weekend?