A Little Bit About Life Lately

Hello again dear friends!

I missed last month’s “What’s Up Wednesday” where I talk about everything that’s happened over the month. I missed it for a lot of reasons but alas, here I am! I resurfaced for one evening while the hubby is away and I have caught up on life…at least until tomorrow.

So much has been happening and what’s crazy to me is how the days can feel long, but goodness gracious the months are passing quickly. BUT - I am officially in my FAVORITE time of year.

fall leterboard.jpg

Praise God for His glory in all of the seasons He provides throughout the year, and I praise God for my favorite time of year. Unfortunately I live in Houston where the weather rarely catches up with my heartfelt desires, but this is home. Regardless, my pumpkins and fall decor are up and I’ve even embraced some Halloween porch decor this year. Halloween isn’t my jam, but we have trick-or-treater’s and I love seeing the kids’ costumes so wanted to make it more Halloween festive this year versus just fall festive like last year. #thetidesareturning

The pumpkin can things will hold flickering LED candles when kids trick-or-treat. I may decide to rearrange a little bit but for now this is how it looks! I have three Halloween pillows in the formal living room but no other Halloween decor so haven’t yet wanted to bring any of this inside. As the weeks pass I may move it around some.

The wreath I purchased from Kirklands and then added my own Halloween picks to it that I got from Michaels.

September went by fast! Of course, I knew it would. I returned from Knoxville on the 3rd of September and it is always bittersweet. It’s hard on the heart to be away from home with the hubs and bunny puppy but also feels like I’m leaving my home behind because of my family there. It feels like that when I leave Miami too. I desperately wish all of my family still lived in the same city. It’s been years, but a girl can dream.

Mammaw and I spent the days together and when my parents could break free from work they came over for visits and I had time with my fur niece & nephew.

When I got back from my ten day trip I had quite a bit to catch up on and attended my friend’s baby sprinkle brunch!

Before I left for Knoxville in August I finished the powder room update. The project was upwards of a month to month and a half long because I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t like the first change.

God bless the hubby…he was single and decorated his house with a lot of brown. When I say a lot, I mean ALOT. Furniture. Walls. Furniture. Walls. Slowly we’ve made progress on updating things that were of no relevance to him before and our house is simply beautiful to me. We have a few more things to do, but I truly walk through this house everyday and feel at home.

So…the powder room was BROWN. Like, chocolate icing brown…texture and all. We still have the texture because I declined the expenditure to remove it (I don’t care that much about it being there). But, we went from dark brown walls to a blue.


I looked at a ton of pictures of bathrooms painted blue on top and the bottom half of the wall a light color. I opted to try this because those photos looked SO good! Well, it wasn’t. We used the dark blue we already had paint for from our master bedroom but it looked like a different shade in the powder bath. #hellobadlighting The other problem was the mirror and the floating shelves I added. I loved them all individually but the combination felt too busy for my eyes.

Day after day after day I would pause in the powder bath to assess it and just didn’t like the outcome. It was better than the brown chocolate icing look, but it wasn’t great.

So I went to Lowe’s and looked at paints and came across a grey-ish blue. I left with countless samples of colors but the hubs ended up liking that grey-ish blue. So…I climbed back up that darn ladder, taped everything off a second time, and got to painting. Again. =/

I didn’t like it the next day. Truthfully. I kept thinking it’s going to have to be painted brown again. I couldn’t handle the color. It looked purple-lavendar-periwinkle to me. I was in distress. This is twice in a month or so that I have painted this bathroom. I could have lit it on fire and just eliminated it from our house at this point.

Then I found a couple of rug options and switched out the navy rug and found one that pulled the blue and grey out of the paint color. Praise God. Once I found new stuff for the walls (new mirror, bunny photos, new art) I was pleased. For now, I like it.


In between all of this we had visits with friends for birthdays and swimming. We went to The Red Hot Gala to support our AMAZING Houston firemen.

September also brought my highly anticipated trip to Vancouver with my girlfriends. We had a rocky start with the tropical storm Ismelda causing major storms and flooding and thus four (or five???) canceled fights. We ended up having to fly into Seattle instead of Vancouver the following day, but enjoyed the ride up with one of the friends who was planning to drive to Vancouver from Seattle anyway. #winning

Aside from travel delays I also experienced some travel-motion sickness and lost luggage that didn’t arrive until the day before we left. But, we made it a whirl-wind fun trip with a whole lot of bonding anyway. Who cares if I wore the same outfit for three days in a row and had to wash my undergarments in the sink? There are worse things in life. I picked up some clothes from Nordstroms when I finally gave up and we carried on, only for my luggage to arrive the following morning. This is definitely first world roughing it, but it was roughing it. I have thrown away those clothes. I cannot fathom the thought of putting them back on!

Vancouver was exactly as expected. GORGEOUS! Great weather, some rain (my favorite), and cooler temps.

On our last full day there we discovered Canadian musical spoons.



I did, in fact, opt to play around with the spoons for good measure. You’re welcome.

Coming back to reality brought the usual obligations and such, but also a dear friend’s 40th surprise birthday party and another’s deer themed baby shower that I was co-host in! What a blessed weekend it was indeed.

I’m now officially a bridesmaid in another wedding and will be helping plan it (for January) and am committed to plan another bestie’s wedding soon too!

This, my friends, is why my blog posts are few and far in between sometimes, if at all.

Now we’re into October and today is the hub’s birthday! We’ll be celebrating tonight, have a BBQ with friends on Saturday, and a baby shower on Sunday.

I just love this photo of him so much. ❤️

agave fields.jpg

How have you been lately? Any fun and fabulous things happening in your life? I’m looking forward to more October fun. We have a lot happening again with galas, birthday celebrations, and weddings. Perhaps November will be slower?