Three Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it’s been three years since I shared my first blog post? THREE!

I had hoped to be much more enthusiastic about blogging by now, but life has had different plans for me. Three years ago I began this experience with little knowledge about blogging itself, but with a lot of things on my mind and full heart to share. Little did I know how quickly life would change shortly after starting this and yet my blog helped me to survive the most trying time of my life by providing me an outlet to write, a reason to cook, and a purpose for continuing to read self help and relationship books to help others. Some days it felt like work to “have to” create for the blog. Other days it was a welcomed distraction from what was churning in my heart.

God is funny sometimes, you know? Changing the flow of life when you’re not expecting it. Throwing in a plot twist to shake you up and force you to grow. Leading you into or away from people or things. But never failing, God is good. And while we may not understand His plans or path for us, I rest assured knowing I am on this path for some reason He will eventually enlighten me with.

So here we are y’all! Thank you all for reading along with me through these years and supporting my efforts. Though I’ve slowed down on writing for now (or maybe forever), I remain beyond grateful for the encouragement along the way. There’s a ton of blogs out there and I appreciate you taking the time to read mine (too).

I’m currently in Vancouver and exploring our northern neighboring country. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!