Friday Favorites - August 30th 2019

Happy Friday everyone!

I am pleased to wrap up another hectic week in August and the LAST week in August because that means we’re even closer to FALL. I am ready for the pumpkins, pumpkin and cinnamon scents, and rust orange colors everywhere. I am ready for cooler weather and changing leaves even though we don’t have either of those in Houston until about November…but a girl can dream.

Today I’m sharing some of my recent favorite store bought Paleo items. I am beyond happy to be discovering more and more Paleo items readily available so that I don’t have to cook/bake them myself. As the years have passed since I started this blog THREE YEARS ago in September, many more products have been made available. This is so wonderful because in the beginning I was spending a lot of time, effort, and money experimenting in the kitchen to make everything from scratch. Now, I barely have time or energy to cook unless I plan it in advance and even then I am aiming to make the simplest meals possible for the hubs and then I eat something completely different (for my dietary restrictions).

I’m linking up to share these delicious, favorite Paleo finds.

I will formally claim this Friday Favorites to be the “Paleo Edition”.

Favorite #1

These Paleo Caveman Bars are delicious! I love them. They’re significantly cheaper at Costco than direct from their site or from Amazon. I liken them to tasting like a Snickers candy bar for those of us who can’t eat a Snickers. It’s satisfying and filling.

Paleo Caveman Bars.JPG

Favorite #2

I’ve never been a big pancake person because I fall on the “waffles are better” side of the fence. However, when a girl like me can’t default to a simply “gluten free” product and has to have tighter restrictions it is easier to make home made pancakes like the recipes I’ve previously shared. Delicious!

But, on a lazy day and/or now that I shouldn’t eat much fruit I have been pleased to have this simple package of Birch Benders Paleo pancakes to whip up and I am even more pleased when the hubs makes them for me on the weekends. (That’s actually the only time I eat them.)

I have found these at my local Costco and Target…just add water and BOOM! You have a healthy pancake.

Paleo pancakes.JPG

Favorite #3

This Paleo brand, Autumn’s Gold, is the hub’s favorite for “granola” and “breakfast bars”. I love them too. Oh-so-good. I’ve been mixing the “granola” with Keto cereal I’ve ordered online to make it a little more filling and it’s become addictive. In fact, this has become dinner for me quite frequently when I’m cooking meals I can’t eat. And the hubby eats a bar most mornings for breakfast at his office.

Favorite #4

Siete chips and tortillas are everything in this house. Pricey, yes. Quality, amazing. Flavor, phenomenal.

The hubs loves their tortillas - we’ve tried the cassava flour and almond flour and liked both. They save me the hassle of making home-made Paleo tortillas. Can I get an AMEN to that?!?!? Who has the time for that anymore? I wish I did…or the desire for that matter.

The Siete chips are a force to be reckoned with. I love them probably a little too much given their cost. The lime are great. The nacho and fuego flavors are ADDICTIVE. So-so-so flavorful. I didn’t care for the ranch or the sea salt which is odd because in regular potato chips I normally love those flavors.

I buy these at my local grocery store (HEB), at Whole Foods, and on Amazon. You can also buy them directly from the Siete site if your local grocer doesn’t have them. I have seen the plain sea salt flavor in a jumbo bag at Costco, but those don’t have any flavor in my opinion. The rest are UH-MAZING.

I’m a dedicated customer!

Siete Chips.JPG

Favorite #5

The hubs was a bit leery to try these Crepini egg thins but one breakfast taco later and he was hooked! I found these at our local Costo and they are fabulous. There are a few other versions that the brand offers and you can search their site to see where you can find them near you.

Hubby is now using them for breakfast tacos or ham/turkey roll ups. #byebyecorntortillas


Crepini Egg Thins.JPG

Favorite #6

Y’all...I have dietary restrictions. I have been all around the universe and back over the last 15 years trying to figure out what is good for my body. Well, after the horrific end to 2016 and the stress load I carried into 2017 my body went kaput (in a major way). Two years later and I at least have an answer to what’s happening but no specific health path seems to be working just yet.

That being said, I discovered these when I was in Knoxville in January/February at Whole Foods and again recently at my local HEB. Praise the good Lord almighty that my HEB in the burbs has a clue to continue to bring in more and more healthier options because I personally don’t care to drive 30 minutes to a Whole Foods.

You can search the “find us” section on their website to see if you can purchase these near you.

My opinion: they will never replace a Reese’s Pieces Cup (because what ever will?), but it is so utterly satiating, filling, and nutritious. I ate one to hold me over with coffee for breakfast and never thought about food again until way past lunch time. I give an A++++++ to this brand. I am thrilled I found them at my HEB and bought a bunch to bring with me to Knoxville this week.

I think this is it for now on my recent absolute FAVORITE Paleo finds. I have been wanting to share them because even if you do not follow Paleo guidelines with food, these are still healthier options that may be able to substitute in for your non-healthier-non-Paleo-indulgences.

I’ll be wrapping up my weekend and part of next week here in Knoxville with my family. Do you have any fun plans for Labor Day??? I certainly hope you enjoy the long weekend!