Friday Favorites - November 17th 2017

Hooray!  Friday is HERE. I am linking up with Andrea to share some of my recent faves with you but will keep this post quick and shorter than ever before as I will be out the door soon to continue visiting with my siblings and precious nieces who are in town this week.  

These are only a few recent items that I liked and thought would make fun gifts!

Favorite #1


Always Target.  Am I right?

Target casino.JPG

A few cute Christmas items I'm eyeballing that I thought should be shared (and yes, I do have this much Christmas cheer to wear these slippers).

Decorative bell filler.  Only $10!!

Current Target sales:

  • Up to 20% off outerwear for the family - valid 11/12-11/18
  • 20% off Christmas trees - valid 11/12-11/18
  • Up to 20% off select LEGO toys - valid 11/12-11/18
  • 20% off sleep & slippers for the family - 11/13-11/18


On SATURDAY only (tomorrow 11/18) Target has a 25% off toys SALE.

On SUNDAY only 11/19 Target has a 15% off TVs SALE.

Favorite #2

Old Navy.

They sure do confuse me at times with a love/hate relationship.  Cute stuff, always, but it's not always the best quality though some items pleasantly surprise me.  I never know if I should take the gamble or not and in this circumstance I waited to feel the fabric at the store itself.  All three are super soft!!  Snag them while you can.

I've worn these plush rib-knit lounge leggings to sleep/lounge in all week. They're not super heavy knit so they've been perfect in Houston's dreary, humid, blah weather.  Did I mention they're incredibly soft?  There's a matching cami to it that I didn't buy only because they didn't have my size in the store at the time.  

These velvet faux-fur slippers are like silk on the inside they're so soft, plus come in multiple color options.  I was picking up a pair to give as a gift and truly struggled not to buy myself a pair as well but rarely get to use the ones I already have so regretfully didn't.  

I bought these sherpa lined moccasin slippers years ago in red and love them.  They have rubber soles so you can wear them outside as needed.  They make excellent gifts as well and come in a variety of colors.

I have other things I want to share with you from the past week such as a narcissism in marriage blog post I read, a mini recap on a book I re-discovered I had read called Reduce Me to Love by Joyce Meyer that I will add to my page of books soon when I have time, and a beautiful worship song I just heard last week that had me in tears.  But, I'll share that later when I have more time to write to you all.  I am signing off to enjoy my family time.

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!