Friday Favorites - July 28th 2017

Woo hoo!  It's Friday and the last Friday in July.  I am ecstatic to be inching closer on the calendar to fall.  It is SO hot here and August is usually worse.  I am counting down the days to when I can wear my fall clothes again...or get back to a beach where it makes sense for it to be so warm.

I'm linking up with Andrea today in sharing my favorites from the past week.  Normally I would opt to skip a Friday Favorites post immediately following a What's Up Wednesday post, but I have stuff to share that I am excited about!

Favorite #1

These truffle marcona almonds.  Just do it.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  They are the epitome of salty, truffle-y goodness.  I was surprisingly able to put them down and avoid eating the entire bag because they were, in fact, so full of flavor that they satiate the palate beyond belief.  I listed them below on Amazon but you can save money by actually buying them directly at Trader Joe's if you have one near you.

Favorite #2

One of my church's, Hope City, is in a series called Mixed Tape: Love, Sex, & Marriage that I mentioned last Friday.  Pastor Jeremy truly amazes me every time, every service.  This is the 3rd time I've listened to this series (from previous years) and I can't get enough.  I've also re-listened to last Sunday's service twice since attending it - 1) to make sure I digested the information and 2) to be able to provide a very brief summary for you below.

Summary: You can't know who you are until you know Christ.  We seek for the perfect person because of the worldly influence and belief that someone is supposed to fix us and complete us.  Only Christ can tell us who we're meant to be.  We need to ask him who he's calling us to be so we stop looking for ourselves in other people to "complete" us.  If we know who we are in Christ and we find completion in Christ first, then we can begin to look for a relationship.

Most of us build relationships on emotions first and because we have broken pasts and cannot fix each other, the relationships fail.  It's not our responsibility to fix others. We cannot change them and shouldn't look for a project/someone to fix.  Only Jesus can fix someone's brokenness.  We need to find someone who seeks Jesus first and is complete in Jesus.  

What we idolize in the beginning we demonize later when we resent the other person for not fulfilling our needs when they cannot ever fill our needs.  So when we're in a relationship with someone who cannot affirm us, we will know to seek our affirmation in Christ.

It only takes a pulse to fall in love. To stay in love you need a plan.  Love is a verb, an action. It is a choice every day to put the other person first.


There's six service times each weekend and the services are packed to the max, including using overflow rooms.  That's how popular this series is.  It was amazing how half of the room in the service I attended last weekend raised their hands as being the first time to ever attend Hope City.  It's drawing a crowd for a reason.  We all need this series' message.  You can also watch it on YouTube, listen to it on Podcast, or catch the live streaming twice on Sundays.

Favorite #3

This dress.  I love it.  I've shamelessly worn it multiple times this week because it is so comfortable.  It can be dressed up or down, has an appropriately high neckline, is plenty long enough for work, and can be worn with sandals, wedges, heels, or flats.  It's been sold out in my size (and pretty much all sizes) off and on for the last month but as the various colors become available I have been purchasing them.  Yes, I am checking Nordstrom's site daily.  And no, it is not on sale.  =(  I had every color in my size in my cart ready to go, just waiting and hoping it would be included in their sale...but it wasn't.  And the dress sold out.  Bummer.  Anyway, persistence is key in this one and it's well worth the effort and money.  I will get every penny out of these dresses.

I realize that listing it here may not be helpful as it may be sold out by the time you look for it, but patience is a virtue.  You'll love the dress if you check back frequently for it to be in stock.

Leith Racerback Dress / Similar Statement Necklace / Similar Wedges / Similar Purse

You can find my favorite Nordstrom sale items in my previous Friday Favorites post here:

Favorite #4

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this neat company, Cloud Nine Soap Co., on Instagram and a picture popped up in my feed of the owner, Lisa, in Aspen.  I commented on her photo and shared some insight on things to do around Aspen from my experiences there and she was SO KIND to send me a thank you gift.  It was completely unnecessary for my small contribution to her trip, but extremely generous and I am super excited to get to try her products that are all natural and made by her and her family.  How cool is that?  #waycool

My reviews: heavenly.  They smell amazing and feel luxurious on my skin.

Consider me a customer once these run out.  Thank you, Lisa!

Favorite #5

Room with a view.  I am feeling so thankful and fortunate for my new space, the beautiful views that allow my mind to escape while working, reading, cooking, baking, etc.  I spent an entire day baking the treats I mentioned in my recent What's Up Wednesday post (that I will soon share recipes for) while spot checking emails and enjoying the beautiful day in the confines of a nicely air conditioned room.  I did another patio/balcony work out this week as well after a brief run after work in the sweltering heat and really enjoyed being outside yet in private.  PS. I might be sharing my views a lot in the coming months. 

For a cute mug similar to mine:

Well, that sums up my favorites from this past week.  Have you had anything fun and new to share?  Are you counting down the days until fall like I am?

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Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!