Friday Favorites - December 22nd 2017

Happy Fri-yay everyone!  I am speechless that Christmas is a mere three days away and I'll have to wait another 11 months to decorate for Christmas again.  This holiday season went by  I hope you're all basking in the merriment of the holidays with your families, friends, holiday parties, and other festive events.  The good Lord knows I have been blessed to fit a lot of festiveness in this month, but I can never get too much.  Can you?

I am stoked to have an early departure from work today and the long weekend ahead visiting with my friends and family for Christmas - so I will keep this as short as possible as I'm sure you have a shorter work day for the holiday as well! 

I'm linking up with Andrea to share my faves today.

Favorite #1

Gianni Bini Stormie Glitter Duck Boots.

Red. Green. Glitter.  Need I say more?

Talk about a frivolous want, not a need...but aren't they fabulous?  I saw them at Dillard's if you want to try them on in person.

Favorite #2

My new Nativity! 

The BF was so thoughtful to secretly order this for me after reading that I didn't own one in my Christmas "About Me" post.  It is so beautiful and includes real frankincense, gold, and myrrh.  

I own the boots in brown and black.  It's love.

Favorite #4

My little office Christmas tree.

I suffered for the past two years without a tree on my desk because I left my former one at my previous office thinking I didn't have enough desk space at this office.  And truly I don't!  But, cleared some space and ordered a tiny little tree and tiny ornaments to decorate it and I couldn't me more pleased to have something festive right in my line of sight.  

There were numerous sizes in stock when I ordered it, but I think given that it's the end of season there aren't many currently left.  You can check back of course.  I ordered the 18" tree.

These are the 1" ornaments I ordered too!  Of course I didn't use all 96 of them, but the price was right.

Favorite #5

I got to make a quick trip to Tennessee with my cousin this month to visit my family that lives there and celebrate Christmas with them.  I cherish every moment that I get to spend with my family and even though I won't be there with them in Tennessee or in Miami with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces on Christmas day, I am excited to spend Christmas with my family that is local in Houston.

Here's a pic of my sister and me. =)

Similar Silver Puffer Coat / Similar Red Beanie / BearPaw Penelope Boots / Similar Blank NYC Jeans / Similar Red Plaid Scarf

Are there any things that have sparked your interest lately or become a favorite to share?  Friday's are always a favorite for me anyway so cheers to that, the weekend, and Christmas!

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Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead.